10 Best Bedroom False Ceiling Design Ideas
False Ceiling Design for Bedroom, Bedroom False ceiling design

Everyone desires to design their own unique bedroom space, and one can design it with any off-beat theme or random materials and furniture of choice. However, most homeowners are looking for aesthetically pleasing interiors and making ceilings the focal point of home design. Although false ceiling designs are recent trends, it is a perfect accessory for a bedroom.

Apart from adding a decor aspect to your bedroom, ceilings have other benefits like:

Below are few suggestions for bedroom false ceiling design:

Peripheral false ceiling

The latest trends favor minimalist designs to pop out vibrant colors, keeping in tune with the theme. But, as the name suggests, peripheral false ceiling runs around the edges of the walls and is best for low ceiling rooms. In addition, you can add some defused lighting for important parts, corners, and study lights. 

Inverted cove with recessed lights

If your room’s ceiling is too high, it is the best option. It manages to reduce the height keeping the look minimalistic. In addition, you will find it easy to work in the fan or chandelier in the design.

Groovy cove for an appealing look

Groovy coves can add glory to those who embrace drama and stylish looks. The main advantage of the groovy cove is that it disperses light uniformly across the room and adds details to the high ceiling rooms. 

Circular false ceiling design for bedroom

The best choice is for a simple look with fans or a center wall hanging or lights circular false ceiling design for bedroom. You can add rotating lights for the center design, if not the fan. A circular cut out in the middle of your ceiling will emphasize the bed and ceiling.

Playful design for kids bedroom

You can decorate kids’ bedroom ceilings with amazing ideas and themes. For example, you can add cloud-shaped lights, stars, or cartoon wallpaper and decorate it with ocean or multi-color themes. Exciting themes will add more thrill for your children.

Paneled false ceiling design for bedroom

The smart striped look is put together with MDF paneling and put together with wallpaper. It will give a canopy-like effect to your bedroom. It is a smart and economical choice for bedroom false ceiling design. 

Paint with an inverted cove for dramatic effect

A dash of Duco paint to match the bright color applied on the MDF or ply paneling can give the bedroom an exotic look. Also, it gives room uniform lighting with mix and match shades. 

Wooden rafters for retro and vintage look

Wooden rafters can bring a classic look and feel to your bedroom ceiling. You can design it with floral prints on walls, paintings, bold colors and make it a modern retro room.

Curvy false ceiling with wallpaper

The wallpaper extends from wall to ceiling, and extra curved POP paneling will take care of the lights. You can add two wallpapers or paints where the curve divides the ceiling. It can add more effect and variation to your ceiling, keeping the look simple.

Chevron patterned wood ceiling

Wood paneling brings an elegant and classic look to your ceiling. The gorgeous chevron pattern matches the bed’s headboard and becomes the focal point and only design for the ceiling and wall. But it is a self-sufficient and eye-catching design. 

If you have decided to design your bedroom or the entire house, then why leave ceilings. With amazing bedroom decor ideas, you can also design a simple and elegant bedroom false ceiling design to add to the look and feel of your bedroom with amazing and creative themes. 

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