Are you frequently receiving words of appreciations for the choice of colors and patterns you have made for the fabrics of your home? Are you interested in decorating your house with enchanting designs of furniture? May be you are one of the interior designers in the making and it is high time for you to make your career choice. But before making up your mind, it would be a smart idea to know exactly what is in store for interior designer. Sudhir Pawar & Associates, a reputed Interior Designer In Pune elaborates the qualities, and requirements that are necessary to take up interior designing as your career choice.

1. Educational requirement
Wait. We said interior designer and not decorator. Are you aware of the difference between them? It is the academic qualification that draws the defining line between these two terms. Hence if you would like to make interior designing as a career profession, be prepared to undergo graduation program.

2. It is not about curtains alone
If you are seriously contemplating about a career in interior designing, it is vital to understand that it is not only about selecting the shades and textures for cushion covers. In fact they are just peanuts when compared to the other aspects of the discipline. Interior designing is all about improving the internal environments through practical and functional solutions that renders aesthetic appearance.

3. Born with talent
Most of the designers show signs of talent naturally. When we say naturally, it refers to the ability to understand the space, balance the ambience, visualize the colors, find out subtle flaws of design and ofcourse devise a good method to fix them. If you don’t have, don’t get scared – all these things would also be taught during the formal education program.

4. Can’t mint money
Unlike other professions like engineering or medicine, the salary packages offered by interior designing firms aren’t quite rosy. Ofcourse, lot of other factors such as qualification, experience do matter a lot while deciding the salary package. Nevertheless, it is not the worst paying industry.

5. Patience is the key
Interior designing job involves facing both sides of the world. You have to listen patiently to your client and also go along with your vendors and sub-contractors. Although few clients do appreciate your work, it is better to be prepared for the worst – clients totally rejecting the outcome of your work. The only remedy is to knowing the tactic of pleasing people across all walks.

6. Build your portfolio
If you have just stepped out of the college, the chances of offering your skill sets at reduced price are quite high. But as you gain experience, the difference gets bridged up and eventually starts showing profits. Nevertheless, as you gain experience, it is essential to build a portfolio depicting your capability. Remember, a good work speaks a lot more than reams of explanatory notes.

7. Stiff competition
Akin to any other profession, the competition is quite high. And unfortunately your competition is not limited to co-designers but also with interior decorators. But your bright prospectus in the field of designing can be ensured through extensive education and exposure to the modern technologies.

8. Online opportunities
A silver lining in the interior designer profession – Yes, with the virtue of technological advances, it is definitely possible to offer designs through online media and save tons of time.

9. Knowledge of statutory laws
It goes without saying that an interior designer should be conversant with all the local and statutory laws that govern their practice. Gaining knowledge about load bearing structures, plumbing rules are rather boring, but these aspects save you from being compared with interior decorators.

10. Bend your style
You may have a unique idea, best working style, and sharp visionary about the project. But reform these aspects as per the choice of the clients as they are paying you for what they like and not what you like.

Although these requirements seem to be stringent, interior design is indeed an interesting arena to work at, says, Sudhir Pawar & Associates, one of the leading Interior Designers In Pune. So, after reading these merits and demerits, if you are still interested, welcome aboard and makes this little world more presentable.