4 Design Trends That Can Put Your Hotel into the limelight in 2020

Running a hotel and restaurant today is all about reviews, ratings, customer satisfaction, distinctiveness, and maintaining all these attributes to their best at all times. Also, the social media game has dramatically changed the fundamental strategies of the hospitality industry. And if you want your business to grow and catch the spotlight in 2020, here are some trendy upgrades you’ll have to focus on:

Millennial Affability: 

Today, millennials are major consumers in all aspects of hospitality who always prefer tech-savvy, authentic, and “Instagram-able” services over traditional hospitality. 

Hence, to attract these millennials, you’ll have to digitize your business by creating an appealing online profile, facilitating virtual transactions, integrating customer service with WiFi, tablets or other devices, etc.

Make your services flexible and customizable enough to respect your customer’s needs and requests but dignified enough to maintain your uniqueness.

Your primary goal, however, must be to provide affordable services without compromising their quality.

Uniquely Themed Ambiance:

A lot of upcoming hotels have adapted a unique architecture and furnishing style that carries substantial meaning. 

This means your food, amenities, rooms, and interior decor should be linked by some factor such that it provides an authentic feel altogether.

Unique artworks, use of special materials for designing the walls and out-of-the-box lighting systems are bound to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

The Homey Factor:

Be it a restaurant or a hotel; people are bound to stay longer if your place feels more homely and less formal. 

Hence, you may get rid of the front desks and cliched uniform system. Make your rooms and cuisine simple and customizable towards your customer’s needs. 

A recent study showed that 61% of global travellers highly prefer a hotel that allows them to pay only for services that they avail. Hence, integrate your services in a way that will enable your customers to choose more freely.

Naturalistic yet Futuristic:

There is a rising trend of inculcating eco-friendly natural elements to the ambience. Recyclable elements and organic elements attract more attention and admiration today.

You can choose an architectural design which utilises more sunlight and uses solar-powered systems in a biophilic ambience let your customers enjoy an outdoor experience without leaving your premises. 

Most of our millennials are highly health-conscious. Hence, introducing exercising spaces in your rooms and healthy meals in your menus will help you gain more popularity among young travellers.

It is a complicated and testing task to change your establishment’s face to make it future-ready while focusing on running your business. Hence, hiring a good interior designer in Pune can do wonders for you and your business. 

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