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Today’s busy scheduled business environment demands a well designed office front that not only facilitates effortless handling of task but also offers a stress free relaxed ambience. Infact developing office spaces that can easily adopt themselves to changing necessities would be the key challenge in interior designing world. Be it for modular seating, meet point junctions, desk pods or acoustic aspects, everything needs to support high functioning caliber of your staff. Being a reputed corporate interior designer in Pune, we very well understand this requirement and would love to share few exciting office design trends that has huge potential to change the way you work. Here they are:
  1. Integrated smart space: With technology driving most of the offices, what can be a better aspect to start with? Yes, office space needs to be supportive of integrated technology to aid your staff use computer and mobile handsets for the betterment of business.

    • Furniture with wireless charging for mobiles or built-in power adaptors, multimedia capabilities, and storage bays for laptops

    • Reserved spaces for connecting the devices to render seamless connectivity

    • Digital display screens as hanging art works

  1. Meeting space: Closed meeting rooms are no more in the vogue of trendy office spaces, except for one-to-one collaborations, where glass-walled private booths are still preferred by many employees. But for centralized meeting spots, the corporate design world is slowly moving towards amphitheater style conference rooms with all sophisticated arrangements from video conferencing to seating arrangements.

  1. Close to nature: Although bringing nature inside the office is a trend that has been going on for few years, it does not seem to get lost in the trend wave. Instead, it has gained momentum and every interior designer is keen to bring the best of outdoor world right inside your corporate space. With natural elements inside the office, it drastically increases the air quality inside the premises and relaxes the mind of occupants. No doubt, this simple but effective concept enhances productivity and it is a win-win situation for all, confirms a reputed interior designer in Pune.

  1. Flexible layout: Gone are the days when rigid furniture layouts ruled the corporate world. Keeping in mind about the need of flexible arrangement of seats, workspaces and meeting joints, smart office layouts that are easily configurable are not an option anymore but a necessity. It is not without reasons interior designers offer desk add-ons, height adjustable work surfaces, ergonomically designed seats and other employee-friendly aspects such as adjustable lighting – they all contribute towards enhanced working environment and eventually better work output.

In the coming years, comfort and relaxed ambiance in work front would become one of the indispensable aspects and hence would it not be a wise investment to have your corporate interior design to be future proof? With rich expertise in interior designing and delivering the best of aesthetic environments infused with functionalities, it is no wonder we are trusted upon by numerous business establishments. Connect with us to change the way you work!