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The style that you choose for your home reflects your personality. It’s not just about the size and looks; it’s also about the vibe it creates around you. Traditionally, people always looked for a royal, luxurious and even simply expensive ways to achieve their perfect version of home interiors.

However, as the art of interior decor evolves endlessly, long gone are those days. Today, being perfect is all about being unique and finding your combinations of the various aspects of interior designing. To give you a taste, here are some of the most recent additions of these modern ‘home-styling’ options:

1. Customizing Retro Style Furniture:

There has been a rising demand for superiorly crafted artworks that merge the present with the past.

When it comes to furniture and artworks, people are now leaning towards quality and authentic more rather than pricy and royal. Upholstered chairs, sectionals and sofas made from unconventional materials such as leather and wool bouclé are now being moulded in modern textures such as bold silhouettes and sharp curves.

Artworks with interesting backstories are more preferred as they help create a bespoke ambience that you relate to or appreciate more.

To elevate the designing options, various metals are also being used into the hardware accessories. A classic example of this culture is a nickel faucet with brass lighting, or oil rubbed bronze hardware and satin brass accents

2. Laid-back Yet Gorgeous Spaces:

To most of us, our home is more than a living space; it is a sanctuary where we get away from our busy lives and relax.

This idea has given rise to concepts that were used for museums and art galleries. Designers are starting to loosen up and look for combinations that focus more on tranquillity than perfection.

To make it more soothing and comforting, adding entities from all eras has helped dramatically. Collectives, showpieces, or even items with your favourite colour can make a vast difference in how you feel in your home.

3. Living In The “Woods”:

From bleached to dark, natural woodwork in interior design has evolved dramatically over the years. Wood is more about what it expresses and hence is used accordingly in every room of the house.

Plain cabinets are now being broken up into wooden drawers, shelves or pullouts that add an unexpected creative element even to the simplest furniture.

Cross-laminated timber and glulam, and engineered wood beams composed of wood laminations are examples of what they call ‘the next generation timber’ is growing in popularity due to the creative, qualitative and financial benefits it provides over traditional wood.

A light colour wooden flooring is seen to set a warm yet comforting feel inside a room.

4. Colours For Visual Nirvana:

Colours create emotions and also drive our mood, more than you can imagine. From wall colours and furnishings to fabrics and accessories, designers are coming up with colour schemes that stand out while not conflicting with each other.

Colour hues that transform across the rooms help in keeping things subtle yet interesting as one walks around the house.

Tranquil colour palettes, such as light greys and blues, are assumed to find more use in the year 2020, especially in the kitchen interior.

Formulating these modern concepts in your home can be a difficult task and hence, its always better to consult an expert interior designer in Pune.

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