Sudhir Pawar Blog 21 02 19

Home is a place where we all return for peace and relaxation. Both the two factors have a lot to do with the texture and ambiance you create in every corner of your house. Also, the way you organize your home speaks a lot about your lifestyle preferences and the type of person you are. Good thing is, revamping your safe haven does not come with a heavy price tag unless you are clear with your designing preferences and ideas.

Sudhir Pawar and Associates are one of the best interior designers in Pune and we are here to help you create a positive ambiance around your home without burning holes in your pocket. Stay with us throughout this blog to know the tips and tricks on how you can add the latest interior design trends in your home within your budget.

1) Blue Always Works
Whether it’s the new curtain you are planning to put in the living room or installing a new furniture sofa, blue always works. Known for its stability, confidence, and faith, blue should be your first preference in color. Try adding a hint of gray shade to make it a good fit in your home and for a more settled look.

2) Make a statement with Ice Creamy Colors
Yes, you heard it right! The ice creamy color shades are one the favorite shade of this year. Take from our best interior designer in Pune, for those who want to try a little bold but saturated delicate shades can never go wrong with ice creamy shades. They will definitely enliven your room.

3) Add an Eye-Catching Masterpiece
It does not mean you have to break the bank to buy a roman art or sculpture. A statement rug, a sizable mirror, or a wall art will perfectly blend in with the entire texture of your home. The goal here is to create visual interest by introducing architectural elements with eye-popping colors or finishes.

4) Add More Green
Houseplants that carry herbs you can use in the kitchen or flowering plants have the power to set your mood right instantly. These plants work as decorative elements and are useful too. Moreover, you can add flowering plants into your kitchen as interior design or install them in the outdoor for a clean and refreshing breeze.

5) Smart-Tech does no harm
Instead of changing the whole kitchen equipment while renovating, add just one metallic-tech equipment in your kitchen that revamps the entire space. You can try a modern vintage look for lighting fixtures or a wall print that has a historical touch in it. Also, when it comes to customizing your kitchen, smart technological kitchen appliances always come to the rescue. The interior design ranges from the latest innovations to the historical or memorable pieces from childhood. 

Get in touch with our expert interior designing team for more budget-friendly ideas. We make sure all our customers are offered the desired interior designs under their budget because we understand when it comes to designing your home, compromising remains off the table.