Scorching summers have almost begun in north India and people are busy making their homes cooler to sustain the extreme heat conditions that would prevail for months to come. While the demand for air conditioners and coolers has gone up, enthusiasts and hobbyists are inspired by exotic and novel summer ideas to decorate their living places and make the life and living beautiful. Frankly speaking, a home beautifully decorated with summer themes and ideas can offer great relief to the stressed mind; but most of us fail to find such ideas and rely on traditional concepts alone. Leading hotel interior designer in Pune has utilized some green concepts in the new projects and now finds the demand of the same in house décor also. Expert interior designer in Pune has offered his visualizations of the summer decoration concepts for your home. Read out these and choose yours.

  1. A palm ambience

Fill up your living space with exotic and lush green palm species. Palms have fine foliage characteristics and a deep green texture which is further emboldened by the glossy wax layer on the leaves as these mature. This is the reason that interior designers have started to rely on these indoor plants for beautification. These plants survive and flourish in shade and add fine beauty to the space. You can also add a few potted palms in your living area and feel the difference. Choose from the bamboo palms or the traditional chamaedoreawoodsoniana and chamaedorearadicalis species.

  1. A portable waterfall in your living area

 Establish a waterfall system in your house. Today, lots of such portable systems are available in the market and specialist agencies offer to set the same in your location. A water connection is of course required and some safety considerations are taken into account like the electricity cables, if any or the absolute waterproofing to prevent any kind of leakage. The most exotic concept would be that ofsandstone made waterfall that looks natural and rustic. Noted interior designer in Pune has developed fragrant waterfall that fill magical aroma within minutes.

  1. Cool green lighting

Put some cool green led lights in your ambience to add a fine colorful display. With the green criss cross patterns and the cool air of AC, a fine summer enjoyment is assured as the sun sets in.

  1. Bird places in the yard

I consider bird places as some of the finest interventions that deliver much visual delight than the inputs these concepts demand. You can do it yourself at the weekend. Either make out some small birdhouse from the scrap in your yard or buy one readymade from the shop. Do not forget to put a bird bath which is a shallow clay tub with no more than an inch of clean tap water in it. You are assured of the tweeting for the whole day and will forget the summer heat. Hummingbird feeders are also fine concepts to behold the tiny beautiful creatures.

  1. Nurture a green landscape in your yard

Get engaged in developing a green landscape in your yard that is lying dusty and unmanaged. Plant new grass and some salad plants which will drive your inspiration even in the scorching heat!