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Office interior design is the most crucial element consider ed for business success. Designing your office with the latest infrastructure and modern equipment without compromising on comfort can be a daunting task to accomplish. Sudhir Pawar and Associates are a well-renowned world-class corporate interior designer in Pune. 

We believe in the concept of designing a workplace which is not just limited to the setup of furnishings and electronics. Here are some quick tips to give you a brief idea on what to focus more while designing your new office. 

1. Space Management: 

The property you endowed to create your dream office matters the most to you. Every inch of space needs to be utilized. Make a list of how many employees will be joining the office, how much space should be given to the cafeteria, personal cabins, and restrooms. Install workstations with perfect partitions done to equip at least 3-4 employees together. Make sure you consider the circulation space not to affect the movement of employees within the office.

2. Updated Furniture: 

Comfort is something you should never compromise. Ensure the best furniture, chairs, and workstation is provided to each of your employees. Your employees will be sitting on the chairs for 8-9 hours, and you surely don’t want them to suffer from back pain or not enough leg space while working. Ask our corporate interior designer in Pune. We will suggest the most stylish and comfortable infrastructure that suits every individual’s preferences.

3. Theme:

Look around! Google, Facebook, and Pixar, all of them have it. A workspace whose soul resides in the interior design. These days, people love to work in the comfort of their home. Designing an office much like home is worth considering. An ergonomic office chair, plush sofas with ottomans to relax your feet, bright & white lights, and influential colours.

Never underestimate the power of colours. It blows energy, productivity, and a positive environment throughout the entire office space. You can use colours in an art form, design, texture, or create comfort with some masterpieces. Discuss with your interior designers to get the best of creative designs.

4. Storage Space: 

Office space means a lot of files and documents will be seen piling up on the desk. Not owning a flexible storage space can block the sight, making the office look messy and unprofessional. The latest workstation designs come with embedded storage parts like drawers and filing cabinets. Many professional organizations use horizontal filing cupboards or storage pilings for easy accessibility and decluttered space.

5. Experiment:

You might get inspired by zillions of interior designs available on Pinterest and Google. But, nothing can match the idea created by your own mind. Think out of the box and smartly execute those designs with the professional help of our interior designs. From individual lamps for workstations to distinctive flooring patterns, the ideas are limitless.

We can help you design corporate interior designs that speak your mission and vision, creating the best impression on your clients, associates, and employees. With us, You’d be surprised how the first impression of great office designs can actually increase business as well. Connect with us today.