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In the modern urban landscape, just how fashion trends keep changing with a blink of the eye, interior design trends keep changing rapidly as well. Interior designing trends have come a long way over the years and at present, several new styles have emerged. Although there are several trending interior designing styles, a lot of people do not understand the terminology and cannot express themselves as to what exactly they want. In addition, since there are several alternatives to choose from, it could be a daunting task to select one.

 Sudhir Pawar and Associates is one of the leading interior designers in Pune with years of experience under theirs. Staying in sync with current trends in the industry coupled with a strong understanding of interior designing, we have gradually established ourselves as one of the best interior designing in Pune.

 As mentioned above, interior design trends are changing rapidly and we have compiled a few trends to enlighten our readers about the same. Let’s explore the various interior designing trends that are hot in the market currently.

 1. Modern

 Although the term is a relatively broad one, a modern style typically represents robust, clean, and crisp lines using a sober color palette. Moreover, glass, metal, steel are some widely used materials while designing interiors adopting a modern style. In addition, the modern theme involves simple yet sophisticated elements that truly offers a sense of modern living and clutter-free lifestyle.

Modern Interior

 2. Contemporary

 The contemporary and the modern style are often used alternatively. Moreover, the contemporary style is significantly different from the modern style as it reflects on the style that is here and now. One of the main difference between the modern and the contemporary style is that the modern style reflects the period post the 20th century whereas a contemporary style is more versatile in that regard. For instance, a contemporary style makes use of curved lines whereas the same is not used in modern styles.



3. Minimalist

 This concept is gradually gaining popularity in the Indian sub-continent as it picks up a modern style and makes it less complex in nature. In addition, usually, the color palette is neutral and the furnishing is pretty simple in nature. In terms of the overall decor, although it is not very loud, it has its own class.


4. Natural texture

 The natural look never ceases to impress. A natural theme consists of several natural components such as mud, bricks, cane, stones, etc. One of the most trending themes or natural styles that has gained popularity is the use of wooden walls and flooring that offers your interiors a rustic yet a classy look. You can choose furniture that will compliment your interiors and in a nutshell, uplift your interior.



5. Metal effect

 Using the metal effect, brass, gold, and several metallic hues have been widely used to reflect the metal effect. However, in recent times, white plaster has made way into the fray and is gradually taking over especially light plasters. Although there are few apprehensions about using plaster-used resin due to its durability, the end result is truly stunning.


Sudhir Pawar and Associates is not only one of the best interior designers in Pune, but also one of the most experienced landscape interior designers in Pune. Modern interior designing trends suggest that individuals are seeking sleek, modern, and sophisticated styles to uplift the overall interiors of their home. Get in touch with us to know more and work our magic to transform your interiors!