Color plays a very important role when it comes to home decoration. The entire look of the house can be changed by changing the color or adding a color. It shows the importance of color in interior design. As soon as you start thinking of changing or adding color to your house people around you will start telling you how a particular color will make your home look dull, small, big or calm. Most of these are just color myths. Given below are details of some color myths and how they are busted.

1. Myths surrounding the color white

The first myth is that white makes a small room look bigger. Though it is partly true but it is not only the color but the size and placement of the furniture also that makes the room look big or small. The second myth is that white ceiling by reflecting light better will give an open up look to the room but the fact is by adding color to the ceiling you draw the eyes upwards giving the room a larger appearance. The third myth is that white rooms are dull, boring and uninviting. In contrast to the said belief using colorful throws, pillows, wall arts and furniture in the white background can make a room very warm, inviting and cozy.

2. Myths about dark colors

You might have heard people saying that dark walls and ceilings make the room look smaller and the ceiling lower than it is. This is not actually true, by using contrasting light color trims and ceiling and with a lot of natural light, you can make your room look bigger. With the ceilings also a lighter shade of trims and walls can give a dark ceiling a higher appearance.

3. Myth that blue is always soothing

Blue comes in many different shades and not all are soothing. There are shocking shades of blues too which might not be that calming for you. So it totally depends on the shade used to get that calming effect.

4. Myths about different or same color in all the rooms

A lot of people believe that coloring all the rooms in different colors give them individuality, the truth is it might look over dramatic until palette of the colors is coordinated well. Using the same color in every room is also believed to make it look one piece and big. Using different shades of a color throughout the house gives it a visual flow too.

5. Myth that daytime is better for choosing the color

People make a point of choosing their color during daylight. All colors which look good in daylight might not suit your room during night time in artificial lights. So, the decision should be made considering both times.

So, choose the color that appeals to your senses and heart instead of following some rules. There is no harm in bending and breaking the rules and experimenting. The result might really amaze you.