5 Ideas For Rejuvenating Your Rented House

Leasing an apartment has its own quirks, and some limitations as well. Though you’ll have great plans and ideas to turn your plain rented house into a beautiful and lively home, you can’t always change everything the way you want it to at the owner’s discretion. You’ll still want your house to feel comfortable and pleasing to the eyes of your family and your visiting guests.

To help you get started, here are some easy and great ideas for transforming your newly rented home:

Shuffling The Furniture:

Refurbishing your new home should start with enlisting what all furniture you already have and what pieces you will need. Since this isn’t your permanent home, you’ll have to use minimum items for maximum usage.

Rearrange the existing furniture that you got with the house (if any) and combine your own furniture with those pieces to get the best out of it. You can buy corner tables and chairs that suit the rooms better as long as they don’t exceed your budget.

Beautify the Walls:

The owner may not allow you to alter the wall colors. But don’t be let down, as you can still make your walls colorful with removable wallpapers and paintings. Discuss it with your family and get yourself some beautiful pictures and wall artworks that would suit the mood of the house. You can easily find textured wallpapers that can suit the color theme of the house for selected walls.

Nowadays, you can also find beautiful and unique printable wall paintings online with won’t cost you much. In fact, you can use your intuition and print anything that you like online and turn it into wall art.

Transform The Soft Furnishing Items:

This is something you can do without concerning your landlord. Items like curtains, cushions, rugs, etc. can really pop-out and make your house enjoyable to live in. Though these things remain subtle, they help highlight the furniture and walls and add to the overall vibe of the house.

You can also get covering fabrics with unique designs that you can use to cover furniture pieces that don’t go with the theme of the house.

Lighting Is Key:

What to quickly change the mood of the room? Change your lights. Having interesting overhead and wall lightings can brighten things up in the absence of natural light. If your house gets ample natural light, rearrange the furnishing to make optimal use of it.

Focus on every small corner and use table lamps and colorful incandescent bulbs as a part of the decor.

Accessories and Artworks:

As you might know, true beauty lies in the details. Now that you’ve checked off all the significant changes in the house, you can start focusing on accessories like cutlery, crockery, showpieces, bookshelves, planters, pots, etc. to fill up the spaces that you feel are empty.

You can take your family on a weekend trip to buy whatever they think would look pretty in their rooms.

In the end, it is your house for the time being, and it should reflect your emotions and characteristics to its best. And to help you do so, it wouldn’t hurt to get some expert advice from interior designers in Pune, would it? If you agree, then contact Mr. Sudhir Pawar by visiting the SP&A website right away. Being one of the top interior designers in Pune, they have ample experience in redesigning interiors rented and private homes with the most modern furnishing elements. Contact Mr. Sudhir Pawar and his team to consult and get some more out-of-the-box design ideas for your house from the best interior designers in Pune.