We take great pains to decorate our living room as well as the kitchen but when it comes to the bedroom, we usually hang a painting or artwork here and there and include some type of bed and feel it is done. Most often we feel clueless as to what to do with the empty wall above the bed.

But we at j1bye.hosts.cx the Top interior designer in Pune can suggest millions of bed and bedroom decorating ideas to spark your imagination and designing ideas which can effectively put to use in designing the best luxurious bed and bedroom in style that would not only be the envy of your friends but also the pride of you and your family members.

5 Classic and Inspiring Designing Ideas for your Luxurious Bed:

Hang a Mirror or an Array of mirrors:

Mirrors, one of the favorite pieces of designers provide a modern as well as classic feel to the bedroom. In fact, mirrors are one of the stylish options to decorate walls. When hung on the wall above the bed, the combination makes the perfect eye-catching statement. A large mirror not only helps to reflect the natural light from the windows thus providing a feel of airiness and luster to your bedroom but also provides the illusion of more space to the room.

Mini Gallery:

You can try creating a vibrant mini gallery above the bed by placing your favorite pieces of artwork or as per your taste.  You can either place several pieces of family photographs or even try experimenting with a single large piece of artwork. Both tend to create the same impact.

Paint the wall above the bed using a different color or try using wallpapers/coverings distinct from other walls in the room:

A fresh and vibrant wall covering is all that is needed behind the bed to create a mesmerizing effect. You can even paint the wall behind to bed using a different color to create the impact. Ensure to choose a lighter or darker shade than what you have chosen for the other walls in the room including the bedding.

Arrange Plates:

This is also another funky idea to express your personality in a fun way. Since plates are available in a range of colors and styles. You can use the same to decorate the wall above the bed. You can either decorate the wall in a traditional style with a classic pattern or do mix and match and create a whimsical or funky look by using plates of different colors and designs.

Decorative Folding Screen/Fabric/Wall Hangings:

This is also another way to provide a soft look to the bedroom. Moreover, decorative folding screen or fabric or wall hangings even work as a replacement for the headboard. A traditional folding screen placed behind a headboard not only is eye-catching but even helps create an extraordinary focal point for the room. Moreover, you can keep changing it as per your mood.  

With so many designing ideas to decorate the wall above your bed, we at j1bye.hosts.cx are quite sure that you -our esteemed customers are definitely going to try, experiment and bring out your creative ideas to the fore thereby creating the long cherished magical look for your bedroom.