Every New Year brings along with it new hopes, aspirations, plans and latest trends. If you are someone who is in the process of designing a brand new home, office or hotel or office or someone planning to give a makeover to your existing home, office or hotel and have plans to do it on your own or outsource the same, then this article is for you as it is definitely going to help you in designing and crafting the best interiors.

Like every year, this year too we take pleasure and pride in show casing the best 5 interior design trends for 2018 that you should know. The best part about these 5 interior designs trends is that you can try designing them on your own. Not only that you can design the interior designs to suit your style and personality. There are many Interior designers in Pune who provide good advice and services to design the hotel, home or office of your dream.

The best interior designers in Pune are highly sought after for designing homes and offices all over India. In fact some of the top interiors designers in Pune do a lot of research by attending seminars and conferences to provide their clientele with the latest knowledge about interior designing themes and trends.

The decorative trends of 2017 showcasing exposed beams, geometric patterns and subway tiles are no longer in vogue. Brand new ideas and fresh decorative patterns, styles and fixtures have found place in this New Year of 2018 thus bringing in renewed designs changes to be cherished and enjoyed.

Velvet the Intense and bold colour of 2018:

Velvet the perfect blend of colour and texture is back with a bang and has been declared as the colour of 2018. Once considered old fashioned and out dated, the bold colour of velvet has made a fresh entry in to the drawing room this new year. One can use it to accent couches, blankets, pillows or even headboards to add warmth and comfort.

Making Use of materials with an objective:

Another striking trend of 2018 interior designing concept is the use of materials that have an objective thus leaving an impact on the society for a long time to come. Say for instance use of recycled products, green environment, fabrics with sustainability or use of furniture produced using renewable energy.

Choice of Floral Patterns and designs:

Though floral patterns have been around for a long time, the year of 2018 saw the style make a comeback with renewed zest in some shape or form everywhere thus adding the perfect warmth to every room in the form of beautiful wall papers, curtains, accent pillows, bed sheets and upholsteries.

Experimenting with Kitchen colours:

The days of whites for the kitchen no longer prevail. The modern kitchen boasts of grey as the new white. One can play with colours in the kitchen by adding a small amount of colour in the form of wood stains to a neutral kitchen. This mixing finishes will bring life to kitchen.

Tone, Tiles and Metals:

Choose a colour and work on it. One can layer two or three colours on a specific wall in the house or even embrace, tiles and metals. Injecting prints or patterns help in providing depth to a scheme thus bringing in an aesthetic appeal to the home.