The world is harsh and cold enough these days, so people are looking for home interior design ideas that nurture and envelope them. With the pandemic situation, it has become crucial for people to create rooms that let them sink into the important aspects of life.  In this blog, our interior designers in Pune are expecting to make a big splash at the show this year. 

Workstation at Home

In the wake of COVID-19, more than half of the world is working from home. This situation has increased the demand for “at-home-office” more than ever. Pick a corner of your house that “partially” separates you from the chaos at home; after all, you certainly don’t want to miss the family time too. Install a comfortable ergonomic chair to keep your spine and muscles relaxed. Add green house plants around the room that soothes your eyes after prolonged hours of working. Check for lighting arrangements that best suit your eyes for relaxed screen time. 

Bold Black and White

Ever felt why black and white never went outdated for home interior designers? Because it’s timeless, classic, versatile, and a show-stopper. This year we may witness splash in the form of bold kitchens and bathrooms, graphic artwork, patterned flooring, rugs, wallpaper, and fabric, creating drama and dimension in various interior projects. If this evergreen combination still entrances you, check out our design trends to get a clear and bigger picture. 

Statement Pieces

The right statement piece will make your half-job done. While “one color suits all” decor has always been a no-no for top designers, the desire for uniquely curated and crafted interiors is always in demand.

To create this uniqueness, designers use statement pieces to add depth and flair to the room. It could mean a piece of oversized art, bold case goods, vintage or antique pieces, upholsteries in an unexpected color or fabric, or anything that leaves your guests awe-inspired.

Dedicated Spaces

Not very long ago, homeowners were in love with the idea of open floor plans. But, pandemic made it the biggest failure in interior designing history. People soon started hating the concept of eating, sleeping, living, and working in the same space every day. The need to create separate rooms for separate tasks has become a necessity rather than a luxury. It will help people act upon their daily chores without feeling so monotonous. 

Biophilic Design 

We live in a world where technology is evolving at the speed of light. But we often forget about our primitive roots connected with the earth and the benefits of living around nature, and its overall impact on our psyche. Our interior designers in Pune believe that increasing our connectivity to nature directly or indirectly through biophilic design has various health, environmental, and economic benefits. Adding a living wall or a low-maintenance biomontage wall at a corner of your home will make your home look beautiful and positive while improving your mental health and the overall ecosystem. 

Want more such out-of-the-box ideas for your home interior designing? Connect with Sudhir Pawar and associates for trending, unique, and awe-inspired design ideas.

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