Farmhouse Landscape Designs

6 Excellent Contemporary Farmhouse Landscape Designs

6 Excellent Contemporary Farmhouse Landscape Designs

Do you own a nice, posh, spacious, and mesmerizing farmhouse? Or is your farmhouse a small yet cozy haven where you can go to escape from the chaotic urban life? You have arrived at the right place. In this article, Mr. Sudhir Pawar has shared some of the most beautiful farmhouse landscape designs. 

These modern farmhouse landscape ideas will improve the aesthetics of your farmhouse and make you never want to leave again. Browse through these alluring and charming farmhouse landscape designs. 

Here are some of the most breath-taking landscape ideas for your farmhouse. 

1. Build a fire pit

Place a small fire source somewhere within the property. You can choose between a freestanding fireplace or a galvanized metal pit and customize your seating area around the fire pit. It is one of the best ways to add warmth and improve the overall beauty of your outdoor seating area. 

2. Low-maintenance shrubs

Your farmhouse is arguably one of the best places to grow low-maintenance shrubs that require minimal pruning. You can plant them close to each other to enhance their overall appeal. Some plants may not seem as attractive if they are stand-alone plants. However, when you group them together, they will instantly catch your attention. 

3. Simplicity

Build a farmhouse in an urban home with edited furniture and home decor, minimal planting, and creativity. This practical setup uses timeless, diligent elements such as gravel, vines, and trees to achieve a sparse yet warm, visually impeccable look. The elevated platform acts as a focus, and undecorated wood and fences add a bit of colour and soften the look.

4. Shade

You can’t rush Mother Nature, but mature trees provide any farmhouse landscape with a sense of heritage and character. If you’re lucky enough to have one or more, wrap them with soft grass and native plants for a deconstructed appearance, and then add low-slung seating to create an area to sit and unwind.

5. Fix a hammock

To make the most out of your farmhouse backyard, create different living spaces or “rooms” for dining and lounging as you’d inside a home. By hanging side-by-side hammocks (the grown-up equivalent to the swing) from giant trees, you can recreate the lazy weekend vibes in this tranquil spot – all that’s missing is a swimming pool. If you like the design and don’t have enough trees to support a hammock, a set of large posts can be built.

6. Outdoor kitchen

Think about building an outdoor kitchen if you really want to take your farmhouse backyard to the next level. Steel appliances and a poured concrete countertop infuse a modern feel, while tongue and groove cabinet doors and a gooseneck faucet provide farmhouse charm. You can even add a built-in compartment for storing chopped wood in an organized way.

If you are looking for more modern farmhouse landscape ideas, get in touch with Sudhir Pawar today.