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With space constraint and burgeoning population in Indian Metro Cities, the demand for housing is very high but unfortunately most buildings constructed today are of very small sizes. This no doubt provides affordable homes to millions, but the room sizes including the living rooms happen to be very small making it very difficult for the people living in such homes.

But in reality, the small sized rooms and apartments need not be a constraint at all, if we apply and take into consideration few space saving and beautifying tricks. There are some really very good residential interior designers in Pune who do an excellent job of making small rooms or apartments look bigger. Approaching one such best interior designer in Pune for interior design for small Indian homes   would sort out all your problems of saving space by making your room or apartment look bigger.

Listed below are few unique designer ideas from smart storage options to visual design elements that would provide a larger look to a smaller space making it look chic and spacious.

  • Always choose light colours for walls:

The best way to make a small room look bigger or spacious is to paint  the walls with light colours such as cream, beige or white. Dark hues when applied make a space look smaller.

  • To demarcate spaces, make use of curtains or dividers:

In small Indian homes, the ideal way to demarcate the living and dining room space is by making use of curtains or dividers.

  • Make use of space under the stairs by converting the same into storage space:

In most households, the space under the stairs often remains unutilized. But this space can be effectively converted into a storage area by making cupboards, drawers or shelves. With better creativity, this space can even be converted into a mini bar.

  • Place A Decorative Mirror on the Walls:

The best and easiest way to make a small space look bigger is by hanging a big decorative mirror on the wall. Hanging a Mirror on the wall not only helps to make a room look bigger but it also helps to brighten up the space.

  • Fold Down Tables:

A fold down table that can be pushed up when not in use is the  ideal for small Indian homes. This table is ideal for bedrooms and dining area.

  • Furniture having built in Storage:

A tremendous boon for small spaces, furniture having built in storage, help to serve varied purposes. Say for instance a couch or bed with built in storage underneath, can used to store varied things or items and is most ideal for small homes.

Apart from the above, you can even experiment by making wall bed and sofa or add shelves to your wall. Try to create more storage space in the kitchen with hooks and shelves. Another option is to create storage spaces behind a painting to hang jewellery, keys or even trinkets, use an ironing board as a mirror when not in use, and make narrow shelves to store bathroom essentials and toiletries. For more aesthetic appeal, you can even make use of canisters or wicker baskets. Stacked table and chairs are another best option available to save space.