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We wish our place of work to be bright and filled with positive energy but very few come up with designs and ideas that blocks negative energy and bring joy, happiness, health, and prosperity in life. Similar to Feng Shui, Kanso, and wabi-sabi, Vastu Shastra in India aims at creating a place filled with peace and harmony. Much of the designing theory, building concept, and architecture are somewhat familiar with each other, despite the fact that each of these studies comes from very far regions, both geographically and culturally.

If you are planning on redesigning your workplace according to Vastu tradition then keep on reading. By the end of this article, you will have everything you were looking for prosperity in business and work. Our office interior designer has brought you the best and affordable ideas one can easily adapt to their workplace.

1) The entrance of an office building, showroom or hotel must face towards north, northeast, or northwest direction. According to Vastu, these directions are considered to be auspicious and bring good luck and harmony inside.

2) Our experts of showroom interior designer Pune believes the owner of any business (traders) must face towards north or east direction while working. North is the direction of “Kuber” and hence attracts the god of money while trading. If you are working in a service industry, the east direction is the best for you. The east direction is the direction of sun, energy, and fire thus helps in growing intellectually.

3) Your workstation is the place you spend half of your day. Make sure it faces north and all the important documents, files, and paperwork are kept on the left side of the table. Nevertheless, if the workstation faces east direction, the aforementioned possessions could be placed on the right side of the table.

4) The files and court documents (taxation papers and court cases) must be placed on the western walls of the office. Similarly, the sensitive and crucial files are meant to be kept on the northeast corners.

5) Southwest direction, in Vastu, is considered to be the most stable direction. Therefore, make sure the cash and monetary possessions are kept on the southwest direction to keep the Goddess of wealth stable at your workplace.

6) The cabin of the Head of the Office should be placed in the southwestern direction. As per Vastu, the south-west direction is considered to be the strongest among all. For the healthy growth of the organization, the head must function from this direction.

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