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Budget living has gained sizeable popularity over the past few years especially among the millennial population and the trend is here to stay! Although one may have budget constraints, it is possible to have a well-structured and designed home with a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. As one of the most established interior designers in Pune, Mr. Sudhir Pawar, with his innovative and creative ideas has assisted several satisfied clients to transform their homes at a minimal budget.

There are plenty of cost-effective and pocket-friendly interior design ideas one can lean towards to set their home interiors. In this blog, we will throw light on some of these ideas.

1.Focus on Colour Combination

A lively and spirited colour combination is one of the fastest and easiest ways to transform the overall aesthetics of your house without shelling out a lot of money.

2.Include Greenery

One can simply add some greenery to their homes to create a fresh and lively ambiance – another budget-friendly idea that is in vogue around the world.


You can opt to install mirrors at strategic locations around your house to ensure that the light is distributed evenly.


Apart from focusing on using natural light to lighten up your house, you should also focus on the lights that are used inside your house including hanging lights, chandeliers, and snow lights among others.

5.Artefacts and Photos

Handmade craft, paintings, and photo frames provide a different aesthetic dimension to the interior of your house without having to spend a lot.


The texture of a room is one of the key elements that make the room stand out. You can include various textures using wood, colours, fabrics, and other designing materials to enhance the visuals of your room.

7.Get Rid of Extra Clutter

No matter how beautiful your house is, if you have some extra unwanted clutter lying around, it can have a negative impact. Decluttering your space is essential and one of the best ways to create more room without spending a penny.

Mr. Sudhir Pawar is one of the most experienced and established residential interior designers in Pune. His unique ideas and concepts are sought by clients from both, the residential as well as commercial sectors. If you are considering a low-budget makeover for your house, get in touch with Mr. Sudhir Pawar to know more!