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If you are seeking exotic and innovative ways to add style and color to your room, do not worry. Read this article to discover creative and modern curtain designs for living rooms in India that will surely help you to add several designs to match your home Decor.

Top seven innovative curtain designs in India

We have mentioned 7 modern and simple curtain designs that can help you to uplift your living room Decor.

  • Natural colors to go along with contemporary curtain designs

    One of the safest ways to add style to your living room can be done with the help of natural colors. The graceful design of the white color curtains helps in adding a smoother dimension to the curtains, and overall they make the space look beautiful and calm.

  • Contradictory colors that enhance the curtain designs

    Elegant, sturdy curtains that have adequate organic light sleeking can be a good option for living rooms in India. It can prove to be even better when you opt for contradictory colors which bulge out. The contemporary blue color curtains might add the correct type of charm you were searching for!

  • A splash of colors

    Decor and designs for modern homes do not always need to be underrated. Various patterns, with vibrant and warm colors, can look similarly modern and futuristic. The variant curtain colors will uplift the elegant splash of colors in your room, and you can add white utter curtains to equalize the warmth and the brightness.

  • Whisk it with basics

    When you need drapes ideally mixed in your living room, you can go for sophisticated curtains in similar colors, textures, and patterns to perform the job. These kinds of curtains for your room stick out along with the inky black lining at the base, uplifting the style by various notches.

  • Shining modern curtains

    We all like breezy types of curtains, and they are possibly one of the simplest ones to find! If you need your curtains to be bright, functional, and light the same as sunshine, you can always prefer curtains in breathable and light colors and fabrics. You can opt for a shiny yellow color as well. 

    Such curtains go well along with room spaces where the amount of natural light is a bit low, and you can even buy these for small spaces- as they can help in perking up such spaces.

  • Tailor-Made blinds

    For people who want their curtains to stand out from others in terms of functionality and design, tailor-made blinds are an ideal choice. You can even customize these curtains as per the size of the door or window.
    Such curtains are generally made out of soothing and comfortable fabrics that make the perfect balance between providing shade and letting light in.

  • Sheer curtains

    Contemporary sheer curtains in the color white can be your ideal bet in almost every space- they are functional, sophisticated, simple, and stunning. In places such as bungalows, the considerable size of such curtains is one of the most distinctive features of such curtains.

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