Product designers are always on look out for opportunities and inspirations that can fuel their thoughts to develop spectacular products. But even with an exceptional understanding of design principles, it becomes very difficult to translate those product ideas into physical forms if proper resources or tools are not deployed. Luckily in this era in the digital world, many online resources, software, and apps are available in plenty and in fact, it has become a tough job to choose the appropriate ones. As a renowned product designer in Pune, we have made the job simple for you – we have handpicked few great tools and options so that you can dive into your product design instantaneously. Here we go:

1. Sketching:

Perhaps free hand sketching is the most important skill that needs to be taken up before trying anything else. The award-winning software, Autodesk SketchBook Pro offers the best intuitive interface and professional tools to easily create designs, drawings, and sketches with annotations. There isn’t an iota of doubt that a free trial of this software would make you love it.

2. CAD:

No product design can be complete without a 3D drawing of it and the best way you can accomplish it is through a 3D CAD modeler. FreeCAD offers open source industrial design tools and it is as versatile as other commercial packages like SolidWorks. With strong ability to generate complex shapes and parametric models, you can safely place a bet on this free software.

3. 3D modeling:

If you would like to learn all about 3D modeling in its simplest but yet powerful form, our strong recommendation would be for 3D slash, the perfect design software tool for beginners and even for professionals who prefer easy to go tools.

4. 3D animation:

Product designs are not accepted just by glancing the 2D or 3D drawings and business firms need more information that enumerates the fine details incorporated in it. Blender, an open-source 3D animation software would be a right choice to create videos out of your models. Isn’t it a smart idea?

5. Source for inspiration:

Love to know some of the best designs made and draw inspiration out of them? Dash towards com, the site that is packed with tons of great products and their design details.

6. Skill development:

Learning is a continuous process and product designing is no exception. Skillshare, one of the globally recognized learning communities for all designers, provides details right from the transformation of imagination to preparation of quality sketches.

7. Portfolio creation:

Although portfolio creation is necessary for students to portray their abilities, it would definitely not be a bad idea for the design professional to have a look and brush-up their skills. Portfolio Handbook, a free eBook that offers tips ranging from page layout to present methods, is a must for everyone.


Well, it was really tough to pick these tools out of tonnes of resources available for the designing world. If you would like to learn more about product designing or polish your skills on sketching, you can always knock on our doors.