8 Tips to Revamp your Living room in Budget

We put all our life savings in owning space for our family’s comfort and independence. But when you plan to redesign your space into your dream home, a home interior designer in Pune can better guide you towards achieving your aesthetic goals.

Residential Interior designing is not new to Pune, but the concept of a makeover is vast. Especially the living room requires much investment in terms of both time and money to make the best you of that large space. And to plan a makeover that fits your budget, here are some makeover ideas for revamping your living room by amalgamating a variety of elements.


1. Believe in the power of Paint– Ideally, the rooms are colour-coordinated with flooring and the furniture. However, we believe you should choose a colour that also resonates with your personality, likes, and dislikes while blending in with the rest of your interior.

2. Update walls– You can choose a combination of the following decorating ideas for creating walls that passively speak of your lifestyle.

  • Wallpaper– Using wallpaper is an economical solution that can be changed frequently. You can also customise wallpaper print to go well with ambience.
  • Art-works– You can add some traditional, handcrafted, or modern paintings to invigorate the walls.
  • Tiles– It is a very new and urban concept to use decorative tiles that increase the durability of the walls and add subtle beauty to the walls.
  • Murals- It is a concept taken from the ancient history of India. Yet, when used with a modern twist, a mural can add much elegance to your space.
  • Wooden work– Wooden walls give a different look with its texture and glaze, and hence, can be used as a sectional design on key walls.

3. Add greenery to space– Greenery adds beauty, looks, and, most importantly, oxygen to your room. Place sufficient planters and pots in appropriate spots to suit your living room.

4.  A chandelier is a must– A chandelier, along with a centrepiece, will also add a plush look to your living room.

5. Add A Personal Touch- Dedicate a wall or showcase that displays your personality. You can make a handmade collage of book covers, handcrafted art pieces, or anything that best defines what you like or believe in.

6. Light it up-. You can use a variety of lights in the places you want. These days hybrid lights are very much in use.

7. Layers of rugs– It is like hitting two birds with one stone. Carpets and rugs not only add beauty to the flooring but also make it durable and cosy during winters.

8. Create a gallery– You can optionally create a creative and productive corner for showcasing your achievements, memories, creativity, or inspirations through photo frames and trophy cases.

We understand your emotions and concern about the budget. At Sudhir Pawar & Associates, we try to integrate the latest design elements at a fixed budget, making us the most reliable residential interior designer in Pune. Contact us for revamping your place or to get invaluable interior designing tips.