Spa clients need a relaxing escape from the exhausting tediousness of their lives. Below is a list of things one can incorporate to provide the solace the clients look for:

  1. Lights

Keep the lights in treatment rooms mellow and soothing to the eye. Areas outside the treatment room must be well lit to allow people to take a look at the books and magazines, paintings and accessories around.


  1. Be Welcoming

Have a warm customer service, and have them greet every client. Exchanging pleasantries pleasantly makes everyone smile.


  1. Be Inspiring

Keep coffee table books, magazines with beautiful landscapes, paintings and quotes to keep your clients engaged.


  1. Offer Refreshments

Create client loyalty by providing them comfort in every way possible. Chamomile tea for relaxation and Mint tea for refreshment is a must have


  1. Incorporate Nature

Plants and flowers are natural relaxants; so fill in your space with that greenery. Let nature charm your clients.


  1. Theme

Interior designer in Pune emphasizes the need for a theme. The look will be theme based, like keeping it minimalist or contemporary. All accessories and décor can be chosen according to create a cohesive look.


  1. Capture Senses

One way of capturing senses is through smell. Another is through music; use low and soothing music. Use monogrammed towels, robes, and jars. Select linen that’s soft and luxurious to the touch.


  1. Uniqueness

The most important aspect of any space is its uniqueness. Try using certain accent pieces like scented candles, aroma diffusers. The smell must be very subtle and soothing like lavender, for example.


  1. Create a Unified Look

Try having the same colour throughout the interior of the spa or different hues of the same colour. According to a salon and spa interior designer in Pune, too many colours, too many things to focus on would not be apt to provide a relaxing atmosphere.


Physical relaxation is impossible to achieve without giving that head some rest. Salon and spa interior designer states that spa services are expected to create a holistic impact on their clients, and that is why it is important to capture all the senses and active parts of human body.