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Interior decoration means making use of different products and concepts in a coherent manner so that generic beauty is developed while optimal comfort is ensured for the dwellers. Such use of concepts needs to be resonant with the trends and fanfares that determine the popular demand and enthusiasm in the market. Top interior designers in Pune and other cities are busy experimenting with the themes and genres so that their clients find true satisfaction and ultimate level of functionality. Leading home interior designer in Pune expressly speaks of the use of wood as a worthy material for decorating the living spaces. Wood has been one of the oldest and highly reliable building materials since the beginning of civilization. While its demand as a core construction material has declined, it is still a preferred option for interior design and décor purposes. Diversity of options is today available ranging from natural polished types to composite woods and veneers and biddings among others. Interior designers in Pune actively make use of these to enhance the grandeur and sheen of the living spaces. Highly classy touch can be delivered to homes through the creative use of woods. Some worthy examples have been offered here below. Find out those matching with your fancies!
  • Royal wooden furniture
Nothing is more classic than furniture made in speciality woods like teak, deodar, darker Sheesham and pinewood. Try out your choices!
  • Wall panels and biddings
Interior firms in Pune are making use of well-polished wooden wall panels to impart richness to the area.
  • Wood art icons
You can choose to bring in indigenous woodwork icons of art value. Many places in India are famous for such items.
  • Artificial wooden flooring options
There are plenty of such choices available. Made as composite wood products, these deliver an expensive and royal touch to the interiors.
  • Wooden staircases
Add wooden staircase in quality teak or Sheesham and do not forget to add detailed polishing on the same. Your home will definitely gain appeal through it.
  • Lifesize windows and doors in luxury wood
Add charm to your home by asking your architect to incorporate life-size windows and doors in teak or Himalayan deodar.