Thanks to their incredible ability to visualize aesthetic needs of the space, interior designers create fabulous and functional rooms at the same time. But what about those individuals who like to carry out interior designing as a ‘Do It Yourself’ project or prefer to make changes based on the style and theme of their choice? In short, is it possible to transform a boring space into a vivid ambience without involving an interior designer? The answer is perhaps both – ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Although the finished result may be short of perfection, it is definitely possible to create a better place by gathering few tips from professionals. Read on to know those secrets…

  1. Draw inspiration:

    As a first step to create an interior you have been aspiring for, try to draw inspiration. It can be through décor websites, interior design magazines, your colleague’s apartment or from anywhere else. Make an album of those styles, patterns and design images and after completing your hunting spree, look at those collections. You would be surprised to find your mind start framing the elements, style and patterns you need!

  1. No rule is the rule:

    Do not get bogged down by the design rules dictated by the books or online media. It is your space, your style, and your money. So you can always frame your own rules to decorate your space that suits your taste and budget. But that being said, do not ignore the tips offered by designers, as they are always the proven ones and would instantaneously award with better results.

  1. Color schemes:

    Colors are absolutely your choice, but unfortunately it is a tougher decision to make. You can always go for your choice based on your mood setting you prefer. But it needs to be noted that minimum three colors or shades are required in the below mentioned elements to bring about the effect:

    1. Walls
    2. Furniture and other large accents
    3. Small accessories such as pillow cushions, photo frames, flower vase, table lamps, candles etc.
  1. Go for feel-good factor:

    To arrive at best results, do not forget to consider textures in your design. Remember, texture definitely adds additional dimension to your space and augment the effect of style, color and pattern you have chosen.

  1. Use space wisely:

    While it is more or less essential to decorate the walls or create ingenious floor planning to maximize space, many times the treatment for ceiling or window sills are unfortunately ignored. For instance, just with few creative ideas it is definitely possible to go for bright ceilings that reflect the light from windows or decorate window sills by placing decorate flow pots. Remember, creativity is the key that creates spectacular outcome.

  1. Comfort is vital:

    Come what may, go for interior designing that provides you with complete comfort. Whatever is the style or theme you choose for your home, you can always add in few elements to provide the extra cozy effect and functionality.

  1. Start small:

    If you are planning to décor your home without professional assistance, the way to go about would be to start small. Experiment new things in selected portions and do not be afraid to be bold. Once you are convinced about the elegance you have achieved, you can always scale it up.

Well, there are tons of tips more, but finally it all depends on your creativity. If you are scouting for a reliable interior designer in Pune to know more, you can always drop in at our studio and polish your ideas. You are always welcome!