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A modular kitchen can prove to be your key factor mainly if you want to organize your cooking space. This is essential because a lot of time is spent in the kitchen throughout the day to create meals with appropriate taste and nutrition for the entire family. If you want to turn cooking into an easier, pleasurable, and simple experience, then here are some of the best modular kitchen ideas.

Some of the most fascinating modular kitchen ideas :-

  • Select the color of your kitchen sensibly

Keep in mind that you need to sustain your kitchen for a longer time. Avoiding the all-white color for your kitchen might be a good idea because cooking tends to produce plenty of tough stains. 

They also need continuous maintenance and high cleaning. However, you must not impulsively go for brighter shades. Ensure that the color of your kitchen makes good along with your general home decor.

  • Ventilation is must

Plenty of heat is produced in almost every kitchen, so ensure that the kitchen of your house has adequate ventilation. Preferably there must be a door which opens out to a washing or balcony area. This allows the crisp air to get in and assure that the smoke is not gathering inside your kitchen. 

  • Lightings of kitchen

Nothing can come closer to natural daylight passing in from the window to brighten your kitchen during the daytime. Nonetheless, along with natural light, make certain that there is prominent lighting for evening and night time in the kitchen. Nowadays, task lighting under cabinets is trending as they directly light the countertop. 

  • Safety first

One of the most essential factors to think about in the kitchen is safety! From making the edges of countertops to securing gas piping, you must consider several ways to ensure the safety of your kitchen. All the appliances must be installed closer to the switchboard and even the floor must be slip-resistant. If possible keep some space between the stove and the basin.

Most interesting modular kitchen ideas for small kitchen :-

  • Small Cabinets

As there is not a big enough space, you must retain your only most loved and most utilized items. Small cabinets can ascend in any place either close to the ceilings, above the space of the window or you can even install them on bare walls. 

  • Open Shelves

Adding this in your kitchen will let you retain your routinely utilized items in your reach. Open shelves won’t cost you much and permit you to display your beautiful dishware and uplifts the look of your kitchen.

  • Metallic Sheen

Using metallic sheen in your kitchen can give it a trendy and modern look. The silvery and elegant sheen evinces the surroundings. Also makes the kitchen look larger and adds dimension and interest.

  • Plate Racks

Traditional plate racks are coming back with a bit more impact. You can showcase the dishware on mounted walls or countertops using these plate racks.

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