Interior designing is the art of transforming ordinary places into beautiful ones. Interior designing is one of the most important aspects of any commercial eatery whether it is a small Café or a multi-cuisine restaurant or a plush hotel. Gone are the days when designing just meant painting the walls and replacing the old furniture with new. Nowadaysinterior designers have the difficult task of designing places that have an aesthetic appeal while giving a feeling of comfort to the visitors.

According to Sudhir Pawar, a well-known hotel interior designer in pune, the following three things need to be considered while designing the interiors of a commercial eating joint: 

Layout/Space Utilisation: It is important to plan the layout in such a way that even after all the furniture has been installed, there is enough moving space. This is particularly true while designing a restaurant, as visitors do not like to enter a crammed place. While you would want to put in as many tables as possible to maximize your business, it is equally important to leave enough moving space. Make sure there is sufficient place for the waiters and the visitors to move around when the restaurant is in full capacity. Give importance to privacy by maintaining distance between two tables. Customers do not want to hear others’ conversation and do want themselves to be heard by others too. There should be easy accessibility and clear signboards to the kitchen, dining area and the rest rooms. The design should not constrain movement and customers should feel free to move around in a manner that they feel like.

Marketing: The impression that you create about your restaurant or hotel will act as marketing/advertising in itself. While making the business plan, you must take into consideration the demographic that you are aiming at. Based on the type of food that you serve, you will have a certain segment that you will target. Choose a design style that will appeal to your target audience.But concentrating on just one segment might put others off. You need to maintain a balance while choosing a style that is neutral and overall appealing across segments. For example, a vegetarian restaurantwill target a vegetarian audience and will lose out on the non-vegetarian preferring crowd.Customer feedback gives a good idea about the customer expectations and is helpful when you are redesigning an existing place.

Ambience:Customers look for good food and a good ambience while looking for a restaurant. A satisfied customer will ensure continued business and new customers. A restaurant which serves lip smacking food will not function well in the long run if it does not have a good ambience. At the end of the day what matters is the overall dining experience of the customer through good food and ambience.

The success or failure of a restaurant depends on many other factors other than the above. The above listed ones are the most important. A professional interior designer in pune will help you achieve your objective of a beautiful looking and profitable commercial eating joint.