Decorating one’s living place is one of the oldest fancies of humans; some say that it existed even prior to the civilization when our ancestors liked to draw murals on the cave walls! The desire to decorate our home exists today in ever potent forms and the reasons are in multitudes. One reason is that now our evolved mind feels inspirations more swiftly; however, more important is the fact that we live as social beings and not in caves but in ‘homes’ and therefore feel the affinities to live well, beautiful and healthy! With such deep synergies for a lively living place for self, the profession of interior decoration has emerged important! Leading residential interior designer in Pune caters to the demands and fancies of the clients through decent innovations that assure newness, novelties, and appeal. Here are the 5 interior designing tips that you should look out for decorating your ambiences.


Raining in the woods 

A decent visualization from the creator’s mind ‘raining in the woods’ is an exotic thought that just changes the perception of your ambience in a big way! The concept involves a closed, waterproof yet well drained space some 3 feet in width and about the length and height same as your room. You place in it some live plants, particularly the bamboos and well grown old shrubs that resemble like the miniature trees; and here you have to be careful in your choice of species. Choose those that require least sunshine and have dark glossy leaves. You can also add artificial twigs. A sprinkler at the top creates the rain and you enjoy it any time in any weather! Dim lights would make it a fine masterpiece to behold at night and the raining sound would be like jingles to your ears.


An aromatic waterfall attraction

Aromatic waterfall is being attempted by interior designers in Pune and other leading cities as a fine concept of beauty addition. It is developed as a closed channel water system with a thermostat regulated liquidizer. Your room gets filled with scent while the look of a water fall is simply decent.


 Lush green palms 

Look out for some indoor palm varieties like chamaedorea radicalis or chamaedorea woodsoniana or rhapis multifida and make cluster of any one species that you like. You can fill up the empty spaces with these palms and this would be cost effective too, says the leading residential interior designer in Pune.



Aquariums have become a popular interior décor concept and can be imported as a whole from the market. If you have ample space, then it is advised that you go for atleast 3X1X1 (in feet) size and put in some exotic goldfishes as the first choice! Angels could be the next best things to add apart from spotted carps and tigers. Be cautious of sharks and better you ask for the compatibility beforehand from the vendor!


 Wind chimes

 Add some wind chimes at the windows. Some really artistic ones are now available in the market. These will not only offer sweet sounds but will add beauty to your living space in a simple manner.