10 Best Tips for Creating a Beautiful Space 1

It is important to de-clutter the head for good mental health; it is proven that the clutter of one’s physical surroundings affect the clutter in one’s head as well. Best interior designer in Pune suggests that a messy physical surrounding is shown to release stress hormone – cortisol in the body. The best way of creating a beautiful space around you is de-cluttering the space.

De-clutter your Space 

Look around you, and you’ll definitely find a lot of things that you don’t use. Start by eliminating all the unnecessary items that you don’t need. Your coffee table accommodates ample unnecessary pile of papers and magazines, go through them and see if you can get rid of them.


Focus on the function of everything you decide to keep in the house. If something does not have a utility, then let it not occupy the space of the house. Practical storage and visual interest can help you make the house look spacious as well as beautiful.


You may miss out on the rugs and keep your flooring of hardwood painted in white, which invites more light and make the room appear bigger, and space expanded.

Beautiful Blossoms

Fresh flowers add refreshing colours to the house. It looks beautiful and enlivens the space. Get lilies and orchids and tulips and see how magically they transform the look of the space.


You can keep the wall paint white to emphasize on the furniture and art in the house. Alternatively, you can choose from a palette of clear and calming colours like grey, brown, beige. You can also choose pop colours like rich sea green or dusty pinks to give an added accent to the wall.


You can also play with textures on your wall if you do not want it to be plain and dull.

Not just your walls, your rugs and artwork can also allow you to play with textures. Interior designers in Pune advise treating your sofas like a canvas and to add texture, use the same colour for your sofa and cushions except keeping the cushions one shade darker from the colour of the sofa or vice versa.


Use sheer fabric to cover your windows to let in the maximum light, and the night view of windows with the glowing light from outside is nothing less than mesmerizing.


If you are making the choice of furniture on the basis of its utility, then most items of furniture in your house will act as storage. However, adding extra stylish storage will give a stylish look to your house, and it will also contain the chaos to make your place look clean and tidy allowing you to keep your head de-cluttered as well.