Top 5 Next-Gen Commercial Interior Design Trends

Top 5 Next Gen Commercial Interior Design Trends

  Interior designers working in the commercial space are raising the bar for unique, out-of-box designs. As a result, commercial interiors are constantly evolving with new trends and predictions for design planning. Sudhir Pawar and Associates keep track of these forecasts to provide the best decor colours blending local and international trends. Throughout the years, […]

4 Basic Factors To Consider While Designing Your Modular Kitchen

modular kitchen

Thinking of remodeling your traditional kitchen into a high-end modular one? Why not. Most Indiankitchens today are already incorporated some modular elements. Even interior designers in Pune offerexclusive blends of modular kitchen-based homes to suit their interior themes. It is only natural to optfor high-end modular kitchen elements due to the functionality, accessibility and aesthetics […]

7 best living room curtain designs

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If you are seeking exotic and innovative ways to add style and color to your room, do not worry. Read this article to discover creative and modern curtain designs for living rooms in India that will surely help you to add several designs to match your home Decor. Top seven innovative curtain designs in India […]

Beautiful Modular Kitchen Ideas

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A modular kitchen can prove to be your key factor mainly if you want to organize your cooking space. This is essential because a lot of time is spent in the kitchen throughout the day to create meals with appropriate taste and nutrition for the entire family. If you want to turn cooking into an […]

The Art Of Creating Luxury Designs: Explained

The Art of Creating Luxury Home

If you believe buying a king-sized sofa, a chandelier, or an antique art craft makes space luxurious, then let us correct you. Luxury does not imply using expensive or lavish stuff but crafting organic designs that suit your living and define the space extraordinarily.  Here are some basic concepts we apply to create luxury interior […]

Five Luxury Living Room Tips To Make Your Home Stand Out

Luxury Living Room Tips

We’ve included many home design advice in our luxury living room ideas, whether you want a more expansive living room, an open-plan one, or a shared family space. Whatever your choice, we have found the best looks to suit your needs. We offer various styles, colors, and layouts to quickly find something you like. Whether […]

5 Considerations for Smart Home Design

smart home design

A smart home is a residence equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by smartphone or computer. Smart home design can include anything from new technologies to appliances and devices that work with each other in order to provide you with an advanced system that fits your home and lifestyle. […]

Are You Seeking For An Office Interior Designer In Pune To Add Zeal In Office And Make it Most Productive? Sudhir Pawar and Associate Is At Your Service

Office Interior Designer In Pune

The environment is an important factor in increasing the productivity and growth of any business. Therefore, the office should be designed to accommodate both employees and clients adeptly. Better planning and designing makes the working space more fresh, comfortable, and productive for the employees who spend a good 8-10 hours in the office.  In addition, […]

Tips to Have a Jawdropping Home Interior Design

Tips to Have a Jawdropping Home Interior 1

How is it done? Over a cup of coffee. In a one-on-one discussion, our designers seek your input first. Some people like it minimal, some feel comfortable in vibrant spaces. Some keep it old school, and some taste ultra-modern interiors. Designers understand your expectations and create a jaw-dropping design while considering the design basics. Here […]

10 Best Bedroom False Ceiling Design Ideas

10 Best Bedroom False Ceiling Design Ideas 1

Everyone desires to design their own unique bedroom space, and one can design it with any off-beat theme or random materials and furniture of choice. However, most homeowners are looking for aesthetically pleasing interiors and making ceilings the focal point of home design. Although false ceiling designs are recent trends, it is a perfect accessory […]