Choosing the Right Wall Finish for your Luxury Interior

Almost everyone would agree that the wall finish is as important as the wall colour for creating an aesthetic and luxurious interior. From matte to a high gloss plaster, the choices for decorative wall finishes are endless, and your decision decides its impact on the look and feel of your room. There are a lot […]

The Art Of Lighting – For Home & Office Interiors

Light is essential for life on this planet. Be it the sunlight or the man made lights; they are an integral part of interior design strategies for any establishment. The way you plan your lights greatly affects how you would feel around them and how your interior will appear consciously and subconsciously. You can say […]

5 Ideas For Rejuvenating Your Rented House

Leasing an apartment has its own quirks, and some limitations as well. Though you’ll have great plans and ideas to turn your plain rented house into a beautiful and lively home, you can’t always change everything the way you want it to at the owner’s discretion. You’ll still want your house to feel comfortable and […]

Retro And Vintage Home Décor Ideas Of The Decade

By this time, many people want to redo their kitchen and living space after the lockdown ends. These two months of homestay has allowed many of us to carefully view our home décor, utility, designs, and created room for more creative ideas. As per the leading interior designers, in Pune, we can see more vintage […]

Pune’s Top Interior Designers Share Their Bathroom Ideas

Sometimes, all you need is professional help to revamp your home interiors with few changes to energize the space, add value to the property, and make your house look visually appealing. Sudhir Pawar and Associates are here to help you find the trending bathroom interior design ideas. If you are among those house owners who […]

5 Excellent Tips On Corporate Office Interior Design

Office interior design is the most crucial element consider ed for business success. Designing your office with the latest infrastructure and modern equipment without compromising on comfort can be a daunting task to accomplish. Sudhir Pawar and Associates are a well-renowned world-class corporate interior designer in Pune.  We believe in the concept of designing a workplace […]

4 Modern Interior Trends To Add That Luxurious Touch To Your Homes

The style that you choose for your home reflects your personality. It’s not just about the size and looks; it’s also about the vibe it creates around you. Traditionally, people always looked for a royal, luxurious and even simply expensive ways to achieve their perfect version of home interiors. However, as the art of interior […]

4 Design Trends That Can Put Your Hotel into the limelight in 2020

Running a hotel and restaurant today is all about reviews, ratings, customer satisfaction, distinctiveness, and maintaining all these attributes to their best at all times. Also, the social media game has dramatically changed the fundamental strategies of the hospitality industry. And if you want your business to grow and catch the spotlight in 2020, here […]

Try Out This Handy Guide to Kitchen Layouts

Kitchen is the liveliest area of the house, unlike other spaces which are used occasionally in a day. Modern kitchen is equipped with seating arrangements too along with the open kitchen concept, so it finds utility right from early in the day, till late at night and is the most sacred place of the house. […]

Redesigning Your Nest In Budget

Living spaces have a special and sacred place in our minds and we always wish to attain a better standard of living. The enormous cost involved in a makeover is the only factor responsible to destroy the idea. Home Designers in Pune have some useful ideas to revamp our living spaces in minimum costs. With […]