Check The latest TOP 7 Space Inspired Home Decor Items To Transcend You To Another World

Interior designing is a dynamic arena that keeps evolving. Though very subjective and considers the demands and expectations of clients, but at the same time, the interior designers in Pune spend quality time in researching the latest trends. The cosmic home decor is very much in demand these days. It’s not an arduous task to understand wherefrom the trend has evolved. Somewhere in the bottom of our hearts remains the desire to meet the imaginary world. Since it is not possible in the realistic sphere, the home interior designers in Pune try to add a glimpse of that virtual fictional world in spaces through interior designing to connect more with yourself from the comfort of homes.

Check the latest trending celestial decors you can use to transform home.

  • Bath Mat: 

The eye-catching celestial bath mat can reflect the idea that popped in your mind on floors. Use a good quality organic mat, in a minimalist way, so that along with drying out the bath, the bold color and celestial motifs shone on the floor.

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  • Moon Studded Wall Rack:

Racks do so much for us, right from hanging keys to accessories, they handle stuff and helps in home organization. Give it more than one job. Use it as an artistic designer piece to adorn the room. If you are a fan of the galactic world, use the moon and starstudded wall rack to keep refreshing your love for the celestial body.


  • Galactic Wallpaper: 

The wallpapers are in trend because of their affordability. Plus, they can be scraped off as your mood switches. Walls are just like a canvass that can very well reflect your personality and imaginations. Do not miss the opportunity to express your celestial love on walls. The advantage of using cosmic wallpapers is, you can dedicate any wall right from bedroom to bathroom to express your celestial love in the budget.


  • Moon Garland:

Moon Garland is another piece of creativity in home decor. This little piece can prove magical for you that depicts phases of the moon hanging at a constant distance from one another. You can hang it above your bed, or close to your study, or the rocking chair where you spend time reading fantasies.

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  • Moon Phase Wall Clock: 

The moon phased wall clock is the most eclectic way of presenting the celestial world. There are different variants available in the market showing moons and stars, but using a moon phase wall clock is a very innovative concept.


  • Moony Mirrors: 

MIrrors these days are not limited to your dressing table and washroom, but they can be seen in living rooms, galleries, and the kitchen even. Apart from giving a magnified and spacious appearance to the room, it very well adorns spaces. Moony mirrors come in the set, depicting phases of the moon. You can use them to reflect your galactic love to guests who visit home. If it is not for the guest, you can do it for yourself.


  • Lunar Lamp:

 We use lamps on the workstation, on couches while reading, in the dining area, or in some space, we like to spend time with ourselves. Lunar lamps are moon-inspired accent lights that are a perfect option for illuminating evenings. You can feel like receiving moonlight with the lunar lamp.


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