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Interior designing has evolved into a noted profession and the demand is continuously rising, especially in the cities and metros where the prosperity index is pretty high and people are spending substantive amounts on home decor!  Leading interior designer in Bibwewadi caters to clients’ fancies and demands through innovative creations that exemplify newness and novelty. In fact, the clients at the desks of interior designers are now asking for the specialty designs that are completely new so that a sense of uniqueness is developed. The designers who have succeeded in offering the innovative services are leading the profession. These days we find the concept of contemporary interior designs in contrast to the traditional ones! The word contemporary itself signifies something which is resonant to the time and trend and not an obsolete replication! Creativity, therefore, is the necessary ingredient in such interior styles. Noted residential interior designer in Bibwewadi offers tips of best five contemporary interior designs. Look out for these –

 Wider full size windows 

Life size or full size glass windows are in high demand these days because the concept offers a sense of elegance which develops from the optimized bright day light that comes in. For this, it is necessary that you go for a plain yet reflective glass panes. This will allow the light to come in but the heat radiation would be reflected back and your space will remain cool. An essential adjunct of such windows is also that you put some heavy and almost opaque curtains so that when you want privacy and want to avoid bright light, like for sleeping, you can put the curtains on. Deep hues velvet are a good choice for this.

 Chic furniture style 

The furniture styles have continuously changed in the past and people keep responding to the new styles. The contemporary furniture is rather chic if not royal as used to be in the yester decades. The ‘chic’ concept means that simple and plain symmetries are alone ensured in the furniture like beds and sectional sofas. People, especially in the cities prefer such furniture and you can bank upon these to give your interiors a fine contemporary look and feel.

 Ceiling lights like the LED consoles 

Bright and crystal clear LED lighting consoles are available in the market. These are slim and economical by their wattage too, so that you need not worry about the running costs! You can choose the pure white or the cool golden or the rich red, green or blues too. In fact combination of these would be good, says the leading residential interior designer in Bibwewadi.

 Potted bamboos 

Some exotic and lush green bamboo varieties are now available in the nurseries and these are specially developed for the interior decor. Put up some potted bamboo bonsai which grow straight and throw out foliage at nodes in a symmetrical way.

 A mini water pool with floating flowers 

Put up a mini table pool of water and float some fresh flowers in it to create a marvelous masterpiece. This concept has found fine relevance with the contemporary choices of the modern society.