Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.”

This saying holds true for interior designers as they can make any place beautiful and happening with their creative and innovative notions!! Be it a residential area, a shopping mall or a corporate space, they can give any pave a stunning look with their vibrant imaginations.

corporate interior design

Corporate interior design refers to the designing of offices, work rooms, boardrooms and other spaces inside corporations. Interior designers who specialize in designing commercial interiors usually work with corporate clients to create professional yet tasteful environments. Corporate interior design projects may involve redesigning floors of existing rental office space or turning completely empty warehouses or offices into functional finished workplaces. For example, a large corporation may purchase an old building that has floors of completely open space that will have to be sectioned off by adding walls. To create offices within the sections, proper electrical systems for computers and other office equipment will have to be installed. Carpeting or flooring as well as office furniture will need to be added to complete the space. Corporate interior design includes the planning, implementation and completion of all these tasks. Interior designers aren’t just decorators who deal only with adding furnishings, fabrics, cabinets and carpets. Rather, interior design includes planning how space will be used as well as the installation of architectural details. Corporate interior designers are experienced in how to create functioning, not merely fashionable, commercial interiors. They understand building codes and how to work with contractors to build interiors that meet their clients’ desires and expectations.

Company colors or color palettes that suit the type of corporation are often used in corporate interior design projects. For example, it’s no accident that executive suites of large banks are often furnished in rich greens and traditional, quality furnishings, while a Hawaiian swimsuit manufacturing firm’s headquarters may feature tropical colors and some bold patterns. Corporate interior design should always reflect a corporation’s unique style. Many corporations look for efficient design ideas for their boardrooms. A boardroom is a meeting room that must sometimes accommodate many people, so a large wood table with chairs around it is usually the centerpiece of boardrooms. But there’s much more to it than that part of the design since storage is needed for audio-visual equipment; other pieces such as coffee carts may also be needed in the room. Corporate interior design includes the small details, such as the amount of table space required in which to efficiently place computer equipment.

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