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Investing in small apartments or houses has increased drastically in recent times. A house can be small but it should have all comforts without any compromise in quality. Can you imagine a small house that has all facilities in master bedroom, a dining area, study area for kids and even an office area? Sudhir Pawar and Associates, one of the best interior designers in Pune has lot of experience in designing small spaces without sacrificing any comforts. We have successfully undertaken many projects and completed with ultimate client satisfaction. We have shared some tips to how to be creative in designing small spaces.

  • Optimum utilization of space should be the key in designing small houses. Exploiting every inch of space and providing functional designs should be the main aim. 

  • A small house can be easily and effectively designed by experts. From foyer area to kitchen, bedroom to bathroom, a small house can serve the purpose without compensating on the comfort. Depending upon how small the size is, a room can even be converted for multipurpose utility, for instance, a living room in the day and a bedroom at night.

  • When designing a small house, décor should be in such a way that it provides luxurious look. So a designer should be able to give output in an effective and efficient way and style of décor should be selected accordingly.

  • An accent wall with vibrant shades for a living room gives a dramatic look as it differs from other walls. Accent wall can either be painted or even a wall paper can be used. A sofa or a wall unit combined with book shelf can be placed against the accent wall to augment the look. If the living room has a dining area in it, a rug under the dining table will help in defining the space as a separate area even without a divider or wall.

  • Open type kitchen are suitable for smaller house with dining area attached to the platform. Space utilization is done with wall mounted cabinets and storage space under the platform with doors. So cooking and dining is done in the same area and space is utilized considerably. When proper lighting and décor is added, the look is bound to be marvelous.

  • A kid’s room can be effectively designed to suit their needs with aesthetic look. The color patterns, furniture, and wall painting should be attractive and elegant. The furniture should be designed or customized to achieve maximum utilization. Floor to ceiling in-built book shelves helps to save space. The wall painting can be theme based or with colors that coordinates with the furniture.

  • In a small house, bedroom can be designed effectively in many ways. With a proper design and perfect space utilization, a small area can be dedicated for office work. This place can be selected near a window or a wall with in-built wall unit for storing office essentials.

  • In small houses, bathroom is bound to be small. With proper tiling in walls, décor and lighting, a stunning appearance can be given to bathroom and at the same time space can be utilized effectively.

  • If a small house has steps to reach another room, the space under steps can be used for storing things.

From floor to ceiling, a small house space should be used effectively and designing should be done by experts. Sudhir Pawar and Associates, the best interior designer in Pune, with their vast experience in this field, understands the client’s needs and design small houses to their complete satisfaction.