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When it comes to interior design concepts of spas, and salons, it is not surprising to come across clients desirous of thematic experience that resonates with fresh and unique ideas. As most of the visitors of spa and salons seek relaxation and comfort, the ambience and tone of the decoration needs to be warm and welcoming. Infact, while designing salons and spas, interior designers need to really work hard to transform the essence of concept into brick and mortar structure that portrays the best of luxurious experience. Let us have a glance on the path traversed by the interior designers while accomplishing the design task for a spa or salon.

Concentrated efforts:

It would not be wrong in place if we say that interior designers show keen focus on detailing, especially while executing the interiors of a place, which needs to be fully functional with maximum aesthetic visuals. As the core objective is to create a floor space with serene settings, the job gets tougher and this is where the experience of a professional interior designer comes into play.

Extraordinary schemes:

Having been involved as salon and spa interior designer in Pune for several clients, we are totally convinced about the core necessity – only extraordinary schemes get the nod of approval from our clients. Most of the interior designers toil to create an everlasting impression and go for the extra mile so that the ambience invites customers and script success stories of growth for the spa owners.

Innovative ideas:

Nothing works better than genuine and innovative ideas that mirror the theme of the establishment. Hence most of the designers adopt clever tricks and utilize design ideas that make every inch counts. And they do not hesitate to choose the best furniture, accessories, colors, and technologically advanced equipments that infuses tranquility even in a small space. Sounds interesting but how it is accomplished by us?

  • Light color shades such as pastels or neutrals are preferred for the walls as they reflect light and create more open space.
  • Adopt monochromatic theme for décor, so as to blend and converge all the aspects in the premises towards the desired concept.
  • Tidy arrangements of accessories and furniture that does not cover much of floor space. Hence don’t get surprised if we use part of the wall space for functional and storage requirement of ingredients.
  • Designers love mirrors and they become glad when their requirement becomes a functional element too. Hence mirrors in salons are strategically located to serve dual purpose – reflect light and also the image of customer.
  • Although recessed spot light is one of the preferred choices in spa and saloon, on several occasions, designers do go for other arrangements that throw light from the ceiling.
Cozy effect:

While designing for a spa and salon, if the arrangements do not yield a cozy effect and ambience, the whole effort goes in vain. Hence, comfort is considered as one of the crucial parameters that decide the design of furniture and tubs.

Well, as we always consider every fine detail to achieve the best of aesthetic treat and functional brilliance, we are glad to have achieved spectacular results in every project. If you are looking for the best interior designer in Pune for your salon or spa business venture, get in touch with us to experience the best of designs.