The saying “To err is human” is very apt for us in all spheres of life, including the one we make while decorating our house. Of course, mistakes are committed even by interior design professionals, but an important aspect that needs to be clearly understood is that mistakes can be avoided by having better knowledge of what to do and what not to. So, that’s where the tips of an interior designer in Pune can play a huge role – giving the complete knowledge of common decorating and interior designing mistakes that can very well be avoided in future or perhaps even for correcting the design work you are presently into.

  1. Scaling rules:

Scales and proportions of interior designing items in a room can make or break the overall aesthetic value. Many of our clients wrongly presume that equal heights, level, sizes of all objects in a room would present a good appearance. On the contrary, it is definitely boring. A room should neither be cramped with large number of little items nor stuffed with huge sized items. It is a proper mixture of all proportions that takes you towards an aesthetic design.

  1. Unique decoration each room:

It is really not a bad idea of yours to make each room to have a unique signature. But unfortunately the line between uniqueness and disintegration is very much blurred and hence it needs to be cautiously treaded upon. Every room in your house should have a common link to have a cohesive effect that ensures the continuity. It can be wall shades or it can be any other feature, a house should be designed to have a total connectivity.

  1. Painting first:

Undoubtedly, painting is one of the crucial parameter of interior designing and it needs to be looked upon seriously. Being overcautious about the quality of painting, most of us indulge in painting even before finalizing the fabric color for furnishing items such as pillow, cushions, drapes, upholsteries, and rugs. Believe us. It is relatively easy to select the matching paint after settling down on these fabrics and other accessories rather than the other way around.

  1. Perfect match is an imperfect idea:

Out of sheer enthusiasm to match every object in the room, we usually resort to fill and decorate the room with matching items – fabrics, furniture, wall shades, hangings, artifacts, lamp shades. Unfortunately, a perfectly matched room in all aspects such as size, height, and color is never appreciated and instead believed to be the result of poor imagination. The need of the hour is to throw in few contrasting features that can highlight or complement the core theme of your house. For instance, if you love strong and vibrant colors, go for them instead of highly common neutral colors as they would definitely deliver an enthralling experience.

  1. Impulse buying:

No human escapes from impulse buying. And by the way, it is not a bad idea to buy what you like. But what appears to be an excellent piece of work in the shelves of a store may be a perfect mismatch in your living room; it may not blend with the theme or might be too small or large for the room or any other reason. The better approach before entering the store would be to have a plan, budget, and measurement in the mind, so that you exactly know what not to buy or when you should open your wallet.

  1. Letting focal point out of the focus:

Each and every room in your home ought to have a focal point. Many of us inadvertently do not stress much on the creation of focal point and end up with a very confusing design. For instance, the focal point in your living room can be a TV unit or a fire place, and hence all other accessories, furniture, in that room need to complement or highlight them. Of course, it may be tough to find the correct focal point for other rooms, but that’s what interior designing is all about!

We have just touched the tip of iceberg – there are umpteen other mistakes you can avoid to create the wow factor in your house. Having been recognized as one of the leading Interior designers in Pune, you can always approach us for more tips and ideas and gift yourself a wonderfully designed home!