A well crafted Interior design of your living space would not only render excellent aesthetic appearance but also would greatly help in enhancing the functionality, productivity, and efficiency of occupants. It does not matter whether you are deploying the same set of furnishings for your refurbished house or starting from a blank slate, consider all the components of interior designing in totality to achieve the perfect harmony.

Although it may seem to be an intimidating task, it boils down to be a simple one, provided you understand and deploy those crucial components, says one of the leading interior design firms in Pune. As these designing components listed below has huge potential to create the ‘wow’ factor for your house or office, be prepared for the envious looks of your neighbors. Here we go!

  1. Space

For a true interior designer, space is the physical boundary limitation within which the best aspects need to be infused. And at this juncture, we would like to categorically state that interior designing can be done in any space, however small it is. In fact, the functionality of a small space can be abundantly elevated with smart designing. But be advised, there is no point in overcrowding a small space with huge furniture and accessories and also the vice versa, scantly placed items in a large room.

  1. Light

It doesn’t matter whether the source of light is manmade or natural, as long as it blends perfectly with the texture and color of the ambience. Remember, without sufficient lighting, it is absolutely no use in going for spectacular colors and textures. Based on the theme of your room, you can opt for subdued artificial lighting to get a comfy and romantic ambience or a bright natural one to create a vibrant and positive mood.

  1. Color

Color has inherent qualities not only to present aesthetic appearance but also to stimulate psychological parameters. Yes, you heard it right. Blue shades can bring calmness, red ones can enhance appetite, white hues can be mood soothers and so on. In short, colors can be efficiently and effectively deployed to create the right mood in your space.

  1. Pattern

Patterns always work with their hands joined with color and add life to all surfaces right from the walls, windows, fabrics on furniture and even on the designs of floor tiles. The effectiveness of patterns is limited to only one aspect – your imagination. With exemplary artistic views, you can even create a scintillating pattern in the railings of your staircase!

  1. Texture

While colors and patterns provide feast to our eyes, the textures are the delight of our touch sense. Textures, categorized into rough or smooth, soft or coarse, glossy or dull, can have a strong saying in augmenting the features of room. For instance, rough textures in drapes, cushions, and furniture upholsteries present in a large room can easily balance the brightness and intensity of excess light. Isn’t that wonderful!

  1. Form

Forms, which can be roughly interpreted as shapes, aid in bringing out the distinct features and effects of your room. A space can be dull and boring with all furniture and accessories having straight edges or corners. It should always be a blend of ovals, spheres, circles, and even few asymmetric shapes.

  1. Line

Last, but not the least, lines define the form or shape of the subject. As it has tangibles to create specific feeling and effects, a perfect balance between the vertical and horizontal lines needs to be created.

Being a reputed interior designer in Pune, we can confidently say that sky is the limit for interior designing if you wisely utilize these components. If you would like to know more about these components or interested in getting your interior space designed, do contact us. We would do wonders!