Fastest Growing Trends in Hotel Interiors in 2017

Hotels and hospitality spaces are always designed with the objective of pleasing the guests who seek the best of ambiences marked by a generic feel of refreshment and comfort. Towards such objective, the hotels and resorts continuously look out for the new concepts that are innovative enough to appeal to the minds and souls of clients. The demand for newness and conversely the need to remove the staleness is also very prominent and thus the hospitality banners spend heavy amounts on novel concepts. We,therefore, find dynamism in such places and the trends, especially of the interiors, keep on changing! Here are the fastest growing trends in hotels interiors in 2017!

Private pools:

Private pool suites as a concept are counted among most luxurious and immersive hospitality concepts that allow the guests to enjoy their time in a qualitysome manner. The leading hotels invented the concept and some even went on forward to develop the balcony pools that are mini types and offer the open view while soaking in water. The front edge of such balcony pools overlooks the horizons that coincide with the serene natural lines of the environment. Leading hotel interior designer in Pune , India has banked upon this pattern for its clients.

Hanging balconies:

Hanging balconies are pretty impressive architectural interventions and deliver a majestic and decent look to the hotel building. The overall impression of royal life and fervor is showcased before the guests who feel special! Hanging balconies generally protrude out of the main building structure and require many calculations and finesse mathematics on the part of architects and engineers. Interior designer in Pune offers dedicated services to make out hanging balconies in existing and new buildings.

Life size glass windows:

Life size windows make the living space very elegant and bright. These are also one of the easiest and cost effective concepts to make the hospitality spaces attractive. The clear glass windows that stand equally tall and side by side to the door are covered with magnificent curtains that could be dark opaque velvets or lighter translucent shades. Hotel interior designer in Pune and other cities of India now rely on this concept hugely to develop finest suites.

The artistic natural bamboo hedges in lounges:

Bamboos were once considered as shabby species of jungles but now exotic varieties are available that are just superb for interior décor purposes, especially in hospitality lounges and corridors. The passages that abound the glass panel lounges and reception spaces can be lined up with well-trimmed bamboo hedges.

The waterfall:

The waterfall is one of the oldest décor concepts and is still used. Now more refined mechanisms are available that can be mounted right in the living space in executive hotel suites. Portable waterfalls are also being used in hotel interiors that are self-contained and produce no spillages yet add fine beauty! Interior designer in Pune has done fine assimilation of portable waterfalls in the hotel suites.

Water screens:

Giant water screens are now being used in interior reception areas in hotels. These include clear glass panels that are continuously drained by flowing water through inbuilt water pumps. These are cost effective additions to add a unique beauty quotient to the hospitality interiors.