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Furniture is an integral component of home interior furnishing and serves the important function of life and living for the dwellers. However, since ages, furniture products like bed, chairs and sofas have been the subjects of artistic creativity for the craftsmen, while the enthusiasts have been busy selecting their fancied types in the market. Top interior designers in Pune and other cities of India are catering to the varied demands of clients and ‘furniture for small home’ is one such segment of fine resonance. 

Since nuclear families are growing in numbers in our urban centres, the demand for more functional yet less space-consuming furniture products is up significantly. Top home interior designer in Pune has developed some of the best furniture ideas for a small home. Have a look – 


Storage beds  

These beds are good for small home because you can store your products in them thus reducing clutter and improving space usage. You can choose from the drawer types or the box. 


Sectional sofas 

Also called as L sofa, these save the space as such sets fit well adjacent to the walls at a right angle, while its table is shared along the twin dimensions of L. These are also among the trendy choices these days. 


Corner tables 

While acquiring lesser space, corner tables actually import a good deal of functionality. You can place your daily essentials like keys, magazines, water bottle etc on it.


Folding dining table 

 Such dining furniture has been developed for modern homes that are marked by space crunch. The folding dining table can be attached to a wall and it can be closed down when not in use.


Hanging shelves 

 These are really must-have concepts as no space is acquired on the ground while you can use them for placing important items like spectacles, torch, watch and the like.


A leaner bookshelf 

 The bookshelf can be both a functional as well as an artistic addition to your home interior, says the noted home interior designer in Pune. Put up your favourite books and you can also place a few miniatures to add value and décor. However, choose a leaner one that fits well in your home. 

The small home furniture is a trending segment and leading interior designers are offering fine concepts. Choose those which match your space demands and likes.