Interior designs and fashions come and go. What got trending in the 80s might not fit in 90s but can perfectly create the texture of modern architecture. Designing your home is the toughest work, especially when you are a person in love with color coordination and why not? Colors are the perfect solution to creating mesmerizing and elegant interior home designs that add value to your overall home architectural design building.

Sudhir Pawar – A well-known name among the top interior designer in Pune, has brought you some of the trending interior designs that people are crazy for this year.

1) Doors are the show-stoppers

Gone are the days when interior designs referred to only the inside of a house. A colorful door in the midst of concrete walls and teak wood flooring is the perfect combination and goes along every season.

2) There is a reason we call it “Emerald”

Apart from the richness in color, emerald is a must-added color in home interiors when it comes to Vastu and astrology. Moreover, the color sets a focal point of your room. Try it on your couch with some traditional cushions or veiling down the curtains in emerald green and witness the energy it engraves within you.

3) Make Those Trips Worth It!

There is no better solution other than traveling for mostly every sort of problem. Make those trips worth memorable by incarnating them on your home decors. Our best interior designer in Pune suggests choosing some traditional décor items from every place you visit. This way, you can have the whole collection of unique home interior decors like; the Persian rugs matched with fringed hanging lamps are simply elegant.

4) Geometry

Add geometric tables or tiles engraved with geometrical figures. It not just adds richness to the entire space but also uplifts the overall texture of your home.

5) Dark is the new sober

There is nothing wrong with choosing dark colors for your home. Our residential interior designer in Pune suggests on picking the dark teak wood furniture with dark painted backgrounds. All you need is the lighting arrangement to get that perfect cozy room to spend your lazy monsoon evenings.

Sudhir Pawar interior designers in Pune have never been a second opinion to our customers. We not just design your homes but also make sure the bonding between your home and you are balanced to bring peace and harmony to your life.