8 Front Door Design In Wood That Are Meant To Impress!

8 front door design in wood that Are Meant to Impress!

The first impression visitors will get from your house is the design of the front entrance. But not everyone realizes that getting a sense of what’s happening at your front door can create a very real connection with those outside your Home. In this article, we list a few modern and impressive styles of the front door design in wood that’ll enhance the good impression guests will have at your Home.

Paneled design


If you live in an apartment building and are looking for a suitable wooden door option, the paneled design might be your best bet, these doors are very urban trendy, and it does not take much time to plan and design these kinds of doors. But, unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule regarding the number of pannel planned and customized.



The traditional design is very popular, and it never went out of style. It is common amongst both apparent flats and independent houses, made of heavy and thick wood. Generally, these doors are large and give a very traditional and luxurious look to the entrance, and it is one of the most trendy front single door designs for Indian homes.

Grill Doors


We all agree that anything with a grill is very popular in India, so imagine a wooden door with metal grillwork. In these types of doors, one main rectangular panel is taken out and replaced with metal grillwork, although it has to be ensured that you need to have a secondary safety door made of plain wood.

Double door design


With visual aesthetics like traditional doors, these doors are like an update on traditional doors. Traditional wooden doors are one-sided, whereas these types of doors are double-sided. There is plenty of room for creativity and customization, such as there can be metal grills on both of the doors.

Weave pattern


Now, we are in the designer category. In these types of doors, there are designs of basketweaves made of wooden blocks in the central panel. In addition, these doors come with outer glass doors, which act as secondary.

Geometric design


This design is the perfect example of one of the modern front door designs. In this type of door, wooden strips are pasted on a traditional wooden plain door. This design is stylish and unique but not impractical or unmanageable. Show it to your carpenter or door contractor, and they should be able to reproduce it. But, of course, it is also best to satisfy your OCD.

Door with worli artwork


If you are looking for something modern, new, trending, and artistic, doors with worli artwork might satisfy your needs. in these doors, a small vertical rectangular panel is taken off the main plain wooden door and replaced with a fine piece of wooden craft. If you and your family enjoy are and craft, this door might be the best option for you.

Glass design


A cover door for your main entrance or ‘front door’ can be just the effect you need to spruce up the front of your house. One way is to add in glass inserts, which are created to fit this specific space once viewed from the outside. Then, when they are frosted, it will help protect whoever is at Home or visiting by giving them privacy. The other option you have, rather than having only one insert, four 4-inch trim around the entire top, is to build a beautiful design that will catch anyone’s eye.

These are some of the most trendy modern front door designs that can make your house the topic of discussion. If you are planning to get a new door made, visit us. We at Sudhir Pawar and Associates provide the best trendy doors design. We are known for our customization.