Setting up a salon of your own is an achievement in itself and we understand you are all excited and thrilled about it. But, in the zeal of running a business, we often miss out on basics which are the decoration, the texture of salon, the presentation, lighting arrangements, and most importantly, installing the right equipment at the right place.

If you are planning to renovate or creating a salon of your own then you have landed to the right place because our salon and spa interior designer in Pune has brought you few tips and tricks on how to rejuvenate a place with minimal efforts put. Let us start with:

1) Choose a Theme

It is very important you pay attention to your theme first. Picking up the right theme will solve half of your struggle while selecting the right furniture for your salon. Think of the clients you are targeting. Are they the celebrity ones or a mid-urban town or a rural village? We have listed below a few choices you can make in:

2) Consider every inch of your salon for designing

Make sure your customer sense your dedication towards services you offer as soon as they enter your workplace. From the waiting area to reception and main salon, every corner of your salon should reflect relaxation, consistency, and class. An additional point goes to your outdoor designs too. Choose the most impactful signage board for your salon because “the first impression is the last and best impression”.

3) Stay Updated

Avoid using plants and flower pots if they cannot be loved. You certainly don’t want your customers to sit around dead flowers and plants. Also, declutter the space. A cluttered space gives the feeling of messy, unorganized, and unprofessional business. Above all, no five-year-old magazines and brochures should be piled up on the waiting lobby. These are small things but very much effective while putting on a good impression on your clients.

4) Do Not Hesitate to Add Arts

You may not be ready to invest on Roman arts and sculptures but, a creative, humorous, or funny quote frames and postures will certainly do magic on your customers and enlighten the spirit of your workplace.

We, at Sudhir Pawar Associates, take pride in being one of the top renowned interior designers in Pune. Whether you are looking for a salon set-up or renovating an old dull space, we are here to share our creativity with you and help you boost up your entire salon business.