Productivity enhancement has been always a subject of interest for the entrepreneurs and thinkers in business management. The reason is simple and pretty straight because more productivity means more profits! However, productivity is different from production because the former requires optimizing the output value of each worker and manufacturing lines so that wastages and loopholes are removed! When it comes to the employed human resource ‘in house’ then things get more typical because humans don’t respond easily to the improvement calls and the reasons are many! Therefore improving workplace productivity has been always a challenge for the ambitious businessmen around the world. The last few decades also saw the talk on workplace interiors as a definite dimension of productivity! Leading corporate interior designer in Pune says that if specific ingredients are ensured in the workplace then the productivity would go up! He offers the following five tips on how to improve work productivity.

 1. Optimum comfort! 

Remember that comfort is both positively as well as negatively linked with the ‘in house’ workforce productivity. An entrepreneur can’t immerse its workers in a deep comfort zone because then the workers would start losing activity and initiative. Simultaneously, pushing the workers out of their comfort zone would also affect the productivity badly! Therefore optimum comfort is what is demanded. The interior design should be made such that a balance of comfort is maintained for the workers.

2.  Inspirational decor elements

 It is good to put some inspirational icons in the workplace. Fengshui bamboos are considered good while you can also ask the interior designer to establish unique attractions like a live water screen or the colored lights or such other elements that keep the workers inspired and engaged always; so that they find their affinities with their work desks in a generic manner rather than looking out of the windows and thinking of a break!

3.  Functional corridors

Leading corporate interior designer in Pune says that the passages that facilitate your operations and executions need to be kept clean and hassle free. This means that the interior designing should be done in a manner that the specific tasks that the company undertakes are well coordinated among the relevant workforces. A corollary of this recommendation also means that the file movement and decision making cum implementation is not hampered!

 4. Natural light

 The concept of natural light is now considered obsolete and more focus is now on artificial lighting that shows up as bright criss cross patterns in the ambience. However, natural light has its own benefits related to productivity! The wavelengths in the sunlight are known to stimulate the work impulses and thus keeps the mind and body active; hence increased productivity, say experts at a noted corporate interior designer in Pune.

 5. The choice of colors is important!

Choose colors wisely, says leading interior designer in Pune! Some colors are good for decision making while some inspire physical efficiencies in the body. Some are well suited for the creative tasks like the designing while some offer execution capacities!