The color is an important function in interior décor and therefore we find a huge paints industry flourishing that is innovating brilliantly to produce exotic shades. People in the social domains are eager to scout for the new trends and color choices. The eagerness is also on account of the fact that interior coloring is a dynamic component which could be changed at will anytime and the change can produce a great makeover of the place! Interior designers in Pune and other leading cities of India have found demand for the new trends and concepts related to interior coloring. This is the reason that we find more of the offers and innovations in the market and back in the research divisions of the paints’ majors around the world. For 2017, people are looking for something new and resonant! They want to move away from the recent affinities that were witnessed with the pastels and sober shades. So what are the 2017 trends for interior coloring? Let’s find them through the tips and counsels of some of the top interior designers in Pune.

Green is ruling high this year

Green is the trend due to multiple reasons! The simplest yet very potent affinity that green develops with the human mind is because of the ability to soothe and heal the stressed senses. Most of us are now living brisk lives with a lot of deadlines that squeeze the energy out of us at the end of the day. Green, due to its wavelength properties offer the generic coolness to the mind and eyes and we start feeling fresh and somewhat relieved.

Another reason, especially in India is the scorching heat conditions that have begun lately, says the top interior designer in Pune! People prefer the green shades and the matching upholstery and furnishings; & the same is being actively responded by the market.

The brighter hues are still the choice of many!

The bright colors still are continuing and many families ask for the darker hues which make the ambiances rich and plush thus adding value and worth! The crimsons are most popular in this segment and these could be had in the stain feel also!

The velvet touch paints in deep colors

Velvet touch paints are the new sensation that is optimizing in 2017. While these belong to the most expensive paints category, they create simply superb and somewhat exotic ambiance. Most such velvet shades are available in the purples, cherry reds, mahogany and even coffee.

The dull chrome and white combinations

Chrome shades in a combination of pure whites or doped whites are popular in hospitality segment where the suites are being painted with such concepts. The salient definition derived with such combination, says the top interior designer in Pune is that it offers maximum light reflection and makes the suite spacious and elegant.

The mixed color décor options

Mixed color options include the textured walls like the elevated 3D patterns. The concepts in this segment also include the specialty painting options that come customized with paint material and application apparatus.