Office space is a vital dimension that determines the productivity quotient of any company. Earlier, it was considered rather extrinsic component as compared to the workforce that offered direct labour and inputs towards production. Later, the business production and efficiency theories that were inspired by the behavioural and human relations approaches gave importance to the peripheral components including the work ambiences. The space that abounds the worker has been found to inspire his abilities and potentials. Now the trend has changed therefore, says the leading office interior designer in Pune. He offers insights on how and what new elements have found acceptance and demand in office space designing. Following five design trends has been listed by him that are dominating the office spaces in India and world over. Have a look –

  1. Offices re-considering their filing rooms for creative conversions

Filing room was an indispensable concept for any office till recently. However, with the ICT revolution getting stronger and more impactful, the initiative to make the transitions to ‘digital’ has been swift in the past one decade. Even the mid and low segment enterprises and companies are now preferring the smart ICT driven filing processes; rather than physical storage. These offices have thus found an empty space – their filing room; that is now open to creative conversions. These spaces can be utilized for meetings and conferences and other activities.

  1. The employee desks also need to be re-oriented

The employee desks have also undergone much change because of the new concepts like e-commuting/work from home, electronic handling of files and functions etc. Frankly speaking, the work desks have reduced in number and while some have got squeezed, some have become smarter like through wireless functionalities. Modern office design needs to take into account this dimension, says office interior designer in Pune.

  1. Mother Nature fuels productivity!

To include ‘nature’ component is the new trend that has found high demand in the design of office spaces. One may develop curiosities as what so special in nature abound work spaces? Psychologically, it has been found that office work desks that are nestled in natural and particularly green ambiences have more productivity; because the worker finds inspiration through less of fatigue. Live walls, green cover like through dense bamboo and palms etc are the styles that have developed demand in office designing.

  1. Collaborative meetings concept

Collaborative meetings and conferences are marked by definite cohesiveness among the participants. Resonant furniture like the giant semi circular sofa or such other concepts can be really good to achieve this, says the best office interior designer in Pune.

  1. Immersive work spaces by adopting non linear concepts

Deviating from the linear design, now more immersive workspaces are being designed. The objective is to allow the workers to remain comforted rather than develop early fatigue and antipathy per day.

These five office design trends have found appeal, mainly due to the proven assurances of better productivity.