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Hotel Interior Designer In Pune

Gone are the days of lodging hotels being considered as temporary shelters and restaurants are being looked upon just to satiate taste buds. The scenario has undergone a sea change and hotels have assumed the massive proportion of high technology center that caters pleasure filled experience for customers across all walk of domains. Hotels are no longer the same old huge hall of dining, but filled with lounges, bars, recreational center, health clubs and spas, business conclave halls, restaurants, and party areas. Sudhir Pawar & Associates have the perfect expertise to mesmerize your patrons with breathtaking interior design ideas in your hotels.

As a renowned hotel interior designer in Pune, we prepare exciting designs that seamlessly link with different sections of your hotel such as entrance lobby, restaurants, rooms, lounges, kitchen and many more. And Of course, we are highly reputed for achieving the best results without cutting corners and wasting precious financial resources.

Our multi-dimensional approach on all the phases of designing cycle has been immensely appreciated, as we frame only the bright ideas in our drawing boards.
• Right from logo to colour theme, we put our best efforts to reflect your hotel’s brand value.
• Our interior designing is perfectly balanced to maintain the flow of design ideas in each avenue of your hotel. Be it wall decors, lighting, customized furniture, and light drops, we establish the connectivity.
• We provide perfect functionality with all our interior design decors and items and thereby practice optimum usage of floor space.
• No wonder, we completely overhaul the look factor of your hotel with effective project execution process.

No detail is too small in the path of our implementation. As a reputed interior designer in Pune, we do not retire until all our design ideas gracefully mirror your theme and brand value. Be in touch with us to maximize your chance of growth potential in the hospitality industry.


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