It is an irrefutable fact that colors play a very important role while decorating a room. Although it is a common norm to choose colors of living room that reflects your persona and accentuates the elegance of furniture, wall hangings, and other decorative items, often many of our esteemed clients get confused when it comes in choosing the right color for bedroom. Why is it so? Again, bedroom being the private hangout for all of us, is there any effect of color on our thought process and perception?

Yes, colors have huge effect on human psychology, says one of the reputed Interior Designers In Pune. Every color has a subtle meaning and they can easily play a role in our mood. Then how to go about while selecting the best color theme for bedroom? Remember, you may appreciate the color theme of another room, but care should be taken not to get influenced and go for the one that suits our style, personal preference, and ofcourse the ambience. Let us analyze the best options and what they have in store for us.

Neutral colors
It is the happening color of the recent times. Cream and beige in bright or matt shades goes very well with all other colors of your bed linens, pillows, lamps, furniture and other accessories in bedroom. With a neutral palette, you can easily change your accessories as per the seasonal trends without affecting your mood.

Green is one of the excellent choices as it has inherent elements of warm or cool. And the very big advantage of opting green lies in its good availability of wide range of tints. With light variations of shades, it is quite possible to recreate traditional or modern themes that are hugely complemented by wooden furniture. For instance, aqua green always remain as the favorite choices for those who wish to attain classic look that also reflects calmness.

Red, orange and yellow
If red, orange, or yellow tops your preference list, there is really no harm in going for these colors, but with caution. These colors not only make your bedroom look smaller but also have high power of stimulation and may create overwhelming ambience. Having said that, a muted or tinted shade of red or yellow would be highly relaxing, if they are used only on one side of the wall, preferably behind the headboard of your bed or on the wall with windows.

Blue and Purple
There can’t be a better color than blue to induce a sense of serenity, calmness and every other thing that are necessary for a peaceful sleep. As far as purple is concerned, it definitely reflects happiness and creativity and would render excellent results if it is used in conjunction with other colors in the room.

Gold, wine, and slate brown
These colors can be highly relaxing and deliver the much needed warmth. The aesthetics of bedrooms painted with these colors would also be highly inviting.

White and its associated shades are good choice for bedroom when it is neatly presented with pastel colored accessories.

How to accentuate the color theme
Many a time, a mere good selection of color theme for walls would not cut the ice. It has to be highlighted with other aspects in the room.
• Instead of varnished furniture, it would be better to opt for painted ones for a bedroom painted in red shades.
• White furnishings with few spots of bright colored yellow or turquoise would sync very well with grey colored bedroom
• Antique and classic furnishings and artworks would accentuate the effect of blue wall shades.
• While painting your bedroom in green shades, go for accessories in complementary shades to deliver the contrast effect.
The option of palettes is wide open and it is bounded only by your imagination. Listen to your mind and select the best color that suits your style and requirement. Alternatively, you can always contact Sudhir Pawar & Associates, a reputed interior designer in Pune, for guidance and be assured about the right choice.