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You can create an overwhelming restaurant regardless of its location, space, and size if, you get the basics right. Many of our clients believe in order to have an impactful restaurant and café, they need to have a big space which is a myth and we are here to prove it how.

Planning to start a restaurant of your own? Its high-time you know the tips and tricks for interior designing as it can save you a good amount of money, time, and effort without compromising on the ambiance of your restaurant.

1) First focus on the Entrance

The golden rule, “first impression is the last impression” always applies to when it comes to designing restaurants. The entrance should itself be very tempting to get your customers to hunger on. Our expert hotel interior designer in Pune suggests different themes like colors, lighting, music, flowers, and the architecture of entrance door influence customers. So, maybe you are willing to spend a lot in the kitchen, dining area, and bar counter but the entrance gate is your ticket to attract the customers in the first place.

2) The Dining Room

The formulae of “Make a small space look bigger with interiors” always come handy here. The dining area shouldn’t be congested and all crowdie. This is the one place which will reflect the professionalism and functionality of your staff. Choose the best dining furniture, cutleries, table clothes, and decorative essentials to bring a royal touch to the place. Remember, the customers are here to dine with their friends and family. It is your duty to make them feel relaxed with the ambiance of your restaurant. Once the chairs and tables get in place, analyze the area by yourself and check whether the arrangements influence you or not.

3) Take Risk with colors and theme

A global franchise like McDonald’s chose red as their theme color and that certainly worked as an identity for their business. Choose a bold color for your restaurant. Red color for restaurants symbolizes cravings while the blue color is a symbol of metabolism. Discuss your requirements with your interior designer and pick one color you can match with the restaurant’s curtains, furniture, and also goes with your decorative essentials.

4) The Kitchen

Maybe your kitchen will remain invisible to your guests but you still need to work out the equipment installation and designs. Deciding which type of types of equipment and kitchen appliances you need the most will decide the space factor of the kitchen. But first, discuss the ventilation system with your interior designer. The ventilation management is very important to vacuum the smoke and grease while cooking food. You certainly don’t want your guests to suffocate outside due to heavy smoke occurred inside your kitchen.

5) The Waiting Area 

Many of the professional restaurant owners often skip the waiting area as they think less of it. But, customers who once arrived at your restaurant’s door will certainly make you good business and are still your priority to take care of. Install a good lighting system and music to help them divert their mind from hunger cravings. A good restaurant will never miss any chance to overwhelm their customers even if they haven’t yet started their meal course.

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