Making beautiful living places is one of the oldest fancies of humans. We love to create adorable homes and also engage in carving the environment and ambiences to suit our likes & requirements. Hobbyists can be found busy in their gardens and backyards manipulating the things of interest towards developing the desired orders and patterns. In professional parlance, this is called as ‘landscaping’ and an enthusiast need not carry the degree but his creativity and vision alone drives him active! While the hobbyists are fewer in numbers, the demand for charming homes and beautiful gardens/yards is a universal one. Therefore many interior designer in Pune and other leading cities of the world have specialized in the task of landscaping also so that holistic service packages could be served to the clients. A leading landscaping designer in Pune offers the following inexpensive ideas to beautify one’s yard. You can encash upon these concepts and get engaged to make out novelties in your yard.

 A terrace waterfall could be a fine addition to your yard and would add stars to its value. This waterfall is not marked by extreme engineering and anyone can make his own by pooling some creative efforts at the weekend. Just ensure a water connection at the place where you want to establish the waterfall and arrange some rough sandstone slabs which will make the terraces; these would be placed loosely yet intricately. Your artistic skills would be tested here!

 You can dig out a small pond in your backyard, if it has enough of space to house it. Put some gold fishes and red spotted carps about 8 inches in size and a masterpiece is ready to enjoy! This is a simple task and does not even demand much of art or labor.

Prop up a thatched roof in the center of your yard. Place two chairs underneath it and a tea place is ready for the couple who prefers to remain non glamorous yet jubilant towards life and its beauty. You can support the roof with bamboos or can also use wooden logs bought from the local loggers shed. This won’t cost much! Eventhe leading landscaping designer in Pune and NCR relied on this concept for the high profile clients.

Developa small wood house in your yard. This could be the iconic addition where a couple can also live and enjoy good moments anytime. Make use of strong yet inexpensive wood to build your tiny house self and do not forget to add a small roof to stand on it and take the view of entire yard.

Add some birds’ places like the feeding stations, water baths and also humming bird feeder pots. You can enjoy the winged visitors of diversity for the whole day.

 Why not make a decent kitchen garden in your backyard and grow your favorite veggies and fruits and salads there. This would be a great inspirational augmentation in the backyard and you will love to spend time looking for the new produce and propping up the vines there.