Drawings are considered as the basic means by which ideas amongst interior designers are shared. With the help of these drawings, crafts people get a real view and they turn them into tangible structures. Developing drawings for interior designs have been for years and is still being followed by a number of changes. The new development in technology has also added its part with new sophisticated which has been a part and being assisting the interior designers in developing quality drawing. It is also mandatory for interior designers to learn drawing from the various Sketching Classes In Pune. The interior designers need to know the drawing techniques and other important aspects that are used.

Interior design drawing techniques
Sketching Classes In Pune are conducted and is considered important as it brings out real creativity at any instance and anytime. In order to bring out ideas about interior designing, it is mandatory to know good sketching techniques. Here are mentioned a few design drawing techniques for interior designers.

One point perspective drawing
It is named so because it makes use of a single vanishing point to draw an object. In this type of technique one side and front of the technique are presented where lines joined to a single vanishing point. In the same method, two point perspectives can be used when two surfaces are to be presented. The front and back plane in a one point perspective drawing technique are always parallel to the picture plane. The only variation is the distance as they keep receding.

Two point perspective drawing
Two vanishing points are utilized in a two-point perspective drawing technique with which all perspective lines are drawn. A two point perspective shows a more realistic figure when compared with one point perspective.

Oblique drawing
A crude 3d drawing method can also be mentioned as an oblique drawing method which is simple to master. Oblique is considered as an object’s two-dimensional with forced depth and not 3D. 45-degree angles are made use for drawing the side views. The main practice in this technique would be to shorten the side views so that a perfect image can be obtained. The side measurements of the objects are halved for shortening the side views. For example 25mm long lines would be drawn for a 50 mm side.

Isometric drawing
For the visual presentation of 3D objects in two dimensions varied form of the graphical presentation called isometric drawing is used. The Greek term isometric means ‘equal measure’ where the scale along each axis is the same. The designers obtain a 3D view irrespective where one stands and the value for object scaling is retained.

Axonometric drawing
Also known as planometric, it makes use of the third dimension in drawing a plan view. The plan view here is drawn at 45 degrees where depth is added vertically and also true lengths are drawn. With this drawing technique, interior designers can view the objects from above. One advantage in axonometric is that top face circles of the objects can be drawn normally.

These are few drawing techniques which is mandatory for interior designers to learn from the various drawing classes in Pune. There are varied centers in the city which offer a number of courses such as Interior designer in pune which enhances individual’s creativity and help them follow these drawing techniques easily.